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Narconon Fresh Start reviews from parents, graduates and teachers sharing the success they’ve had with the program.

I have found all of the stages of the Narconon Fresh Start program to be of great help

I have found all of the stages of the Narconon Fresh Start program to be of great help to me. “Sauna” helped to cleanse my body of toxic chemicals. “Objectives” helped me to stay focused in present time. “Course” has helped me to go back in time and to take an honest, and objective view of my life.


Feeling A Lot Better

Almost done with sauna. Going by faster than I expected. Feeling a lot better than I did when I started.


I’m Really Enjoying Myself Here

I’m really enjoying myself here. I have a positive attitude and a smile at all times and I truly believe that it’s contagious.


Feeling Like A New Man

Sauna so far has made me feel like a new man!


I’m Really Surprised and Impressed with the Sauna Results

I am noticing major changes in the way I feel and think. It’s amazing. I finally sleep 7+ hours sober and wake up fully refreshed and clear headed. This is only my first week of sauna and I’m really surprised and impressed with the results I’ve seen thus far. It’s not easy, but I’m still really excited to see and tell how much of a difference it makes over the next few weeks.


My Hard Work Paid Off

I am really excited that my hard work paid off and that I am graduating on Friday. I can’t wait to see my family.


I Feel Amazing

With 2 days left in sauna left, I feel amazing compared to when I first came here.


Amazing Sleep and Great Energy

I have continued to get amazing sleep and great energy throughout sauna. It’s amazing to be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early and feel well, all while sober.


I Am Able to Do Certain Actions By Myself

Objectives has started to make me realize myself in the here and now and understand that I am able to do certain actions by myself. The staff has been a great help in me achieving that goal.


I Have Discovered A Lot About Myself

Self DiscoveryThis week while writing OW’s, I have discovered a lot about myself as far as the behaviors I have exhibited to my friends, family and breaking the law. I know that if I continue to do these behaviors I will end up on the same path I was on which is no longer the way I want to go. I also feel like OW’s can teach a large amount of patience which could also help me in the real world moving forward.


I Like Sauna

I like sauna because I like to sweat and it feels good. It also helps me to sleep. Thank you.


Thinking Clearly

Done with sauna, sleeping better, eating better, thinking clearly and working out. Thank you staff.


Sauna Helping Me Feel More Relaxed and Composed

Sauna helping me feel more relaxed and composed. Sleep and appetite are improving tremendously.


I Love Being Here

Narconon Fresh Start is a great place and I love being here. Hope I can live out the rest of my years here.


I Have Learned A Lot About Myself

I have learned a lot about myself this last week writing OW’s and how much damage I caused myself and others during time of using drugs.


I Never Felt Better In Years

I never felt better in years. No cigarettes, no alcohol and no drugs. It’s been a long time coming.


I’m Happy I’m Doing It

I started the Overcoming Ups and Downs course. It is definitely hard to get through and hard to stay focused, but I’m happy I’m doing it. It is making me realize a lot of things about my life, like who should be in it and who shouldn’t. I like writing stuff down so that I can get it off my chest.


I Have Made A Complete 180

I’ve been working extra hard these days on my course work. I no longer take as many breaks and am powering through this. I’m taking course very seriously and am no longer slacking off. I have made a complete 180 from when I started to where I’m at now. It’s a great feeling being able to see the finish line.


I Can’t Wait to Begin My New Life

I feel good this week because I am getting closer to getting out of here and finishing my program. I can’t wait to begin my new life.


I’m Feeling Better and Better Each Day

It’s getting easier for me to sit in course all day and write. I feel good about myself by writing everything I’ve done and am aware of my actions off and on drugs. I’m feeling better and better each day I get something done.


Course Has Made Me Fell Better Overall

Over the past week I have felt very happy. I feel like writing about everything. Course has made me feel better overall and has given me a better sense of awareness.


I Am Really Glad I Am Here

I hate my life a little bit less. I am really glad I am here, like really glad.


Thank You to All Staff

I woke up this morning feeling great about today. I’m getting a lot done on the writing portion of this program and am trucking through. Thank you to all staff.


I Had a Great Night Sleep

I had a great night sleep last night. Had a few dreams and morning was here before I knew it.


I Am Looking Forward to Fixing the Relationships I’ve Damaged

I feel so much more relieved after finishing my OW’s and getting everything I needed to off my chest about my past and the things I did to those who mean the most to me and how I’ve done them wrong or harmed them in any way, shape or form. I am looking forward to fixing the relationships I’ve damaged, mostly my family. I appreciate this program very much.


I Do Actually Feel Better

Throughout the course work, writing my OW’s, I am looking at all the crap I did within only five months. Not only did I wreck my body, but I put myself in harms way countless amounts of times. I do actually feel better after writing it all on paper.


Since Being in the Course Room, I Have Learned A Lot

Since being in the course room, I have learned a lot about different people in my life as well as myself. I am also realizing how much harm I have done to myself as I write my OW’s.


I Have Realized the Amounts of Harm I Have Done

While writing OW’s this week I have realized the amounts of harm I have done to myself and others in my life. And the amount of time I have wasted while I could be doing much more constructive activities in my life.


Feel Better Mentally and Physically

So far in sauna, I started to feel a lot better mentally and physically.


I Feel Very Confident that I Can Continue My Sobriety

Confident in Staying SoberSo far, as I’ve been working through course, I’ve realized how much I never want to use again. I never want to go back to that lifestyle because I’ve realized how much more successful my life can be by continuing to remain sober. I feel very confident that I can continue my sobriety and keep my life on the right track. Mind becomes cleaner and clearer the more I write about my drug usage. It feels good to gain memory back. Having emotions feels great and makes me know I’m alive.


Life is Great

Sleeping good, eating good, feeling good. Life is great.


Ready to Go Home and Start My No Drug Life

I am so ready to go home and start my no drug life – I’m on my five day countdown. Thank so much for getting me here!


Starting to Feel Like My Old Self

I feel like I have been great. Doing great. Feeling good. Starting to feel like my old self. I’m on the Family course. It’s hard, but I’m getting through it.


I’m Analyzing My Own Behavior

At this phase of course, I’m analyzing my own behavior. I’m realizing more and more how I need to change so I can lead a healthy and productive life from this point forward. Each element of course has allowed me to dissect my actions and what I can learn from them.


I Have Gained Self Confidence and New Knowledge

My time so far in course has been therapeutic. I have gained self confidence and new knowledge which gave me the ability to disconnect from anti-social behaviors/people that could jeopardize my sobriety and over all mental health.


Helping Me Deal With My Past

I feel course is really helping me deal with my past. Writing it all down really helps me get it all out there and let it go and to see how I was treating people or using people to get what I want. I think it’s going to really help me in the future.


I Love this Rehab

I feel good today. I feel really good today. Today is a great day. I love this rehab.


Being as Honest with Myself as Possible

I am starting my third week in course. I find the Personal Values portion to be exceedingly helpful. I am working hard on my confront and being as honest with myself as possible. The relief that I so desperately craved has begun. Thank you for all the staff.


I Finally Feel More at Peace

I finally feel more at peace with being here at Narconon Fresh Start. Rather than fighting my reality, I’m accepting my life. It’s actually a blessing in disguise because I can finally be on my own without the help of anyone else, even if it means starting from the absolute bottom. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.


Started to Realize how Much Time I Have Wasted Using Drugs

So far in course, I have realized who the helpful people in my life are and also who the harmful people in my life are. I have also started to realize how much time I have wasted using drugs and the harmful effects of using them.


I Feel Better for Confronting

Bringing up all of the things I’ve done in the past is hard and bringing out a lot of emotions that I have suppressed. But I feel better for confronting and dealing with those emotions. I don’t feel as burdened emotionally.


Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m on course and I’m starting to feel like I’m accomplishing something. At the beginning, it felt like I’d never be able to do it, but I’d chip away at it. Now I’m feeling there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.


Off All Meds

21 days off all meds. Life is good.


Daily Grind of Rehab

After 19 days of sauna, my sleep has gotten better, my appetite is back to normal and the daily grind of rehab is getting easier.


I Have Less Headaches

So far in sauna I have gained weight and I have less headaches. My appetite is better.


A Good Way to Think Outside of the Box

I have found Objectives to be a good way to think outside of the box. It has enabled me to think about myself and objects in a more clear and concise way. I would have to say that Objectives has been nothing less of a positive experience.


Feeling More and More Like Myself

Glad to be making progress through Objectives. Feeling better still everyday. Feeling more and more like my self. Ready to go home and get life back together and spend time with the boys.


Started to See the Benefits

As Objectives has progressed, I have started to see the benefits of them. Lately, I have not begun to think about the past as much nor the future. It has also given me a more sense of patience with each Objective taking a certain amount of time. I am not rushing to get things done. I’m realizing some things you can not control. This helps when you have awesome supervisors looking over you.


I Like Objectives

I like Objectives. It is helping me be in present time. It is also helping me stay out of my head and realize the environment around me.


Thank You to All Staff

Objectives has been very interesting and fun. I have fun, but take it seriously as well. We have an awesome group and instructors. Thank you to all staff.


Confronting My Abuse of Alcohol

Alcohol Abuse HelpAfter being in course about a week, I feel like I am confronting my abuse of alcohol and the dangerous patterns that developed in my later drinking years. I am looking forward to detailing all aspects of my life and how each has had an impact on my behavior and alcohol dependency.


Great Learning Experience

I had a great learning experience on course with Changes and Conditions. I learned a lot about what I can and can’t do and who I can and can’t be around when I get out in the real world.


Focusing on Doing the Best

I am slowly making a dent in my drug list on Self. But I am focusing on doing the best, most detailed work that I can. Being completely honest and trying not to dwell on the things I’ve done in the past. Keeping a positive, upbeat attitude when I arrive to course helps me get through the days.


I Feel Confident

I am currently on writing letters. After learning so much about social and anti-social personalities, I feel confident in connecting and disconnecting with the right people.


Thanks Narconon Fresh Start

Hard to concentrate when you get the good news about making arrangements to fly home. WooHoo! But back to work I go and still doing well. Thanks Narconon Fresh Start!


A Sense of Accomplishment

Course is a change of pace. I feel like I’m getting something done though. A sense of accomplishment I suppose. Yay course!


Clear Picture of Where I was and My Wrong Doings

I am currently in course working on Family. Writing is giving me a very clear picture of where I was, my wrong doings. My outlook towards my future is bright to me. It feels good to get things off of my chest. It is helping me to understand. I feel good.


I Feel Better

I feel pretty good. It’s tough confronting my past, but I feel better after I do it.


A Positive Experience

I have found Objectives to be somewhat out of the norm. It helps to make you think outside of the box. It has been a positive experience.


I Have A More Positive Outlook on Life

I now have a more positive outlook on life thanks to this program and the people in it.


I Have Become More Patient

While being on Objectives I have noticed that I have become more patient and more in tune with present time. At first I thought the exercises were very silly, but I have come to realize that after doing them they do make sense.


More Focused on My Surroundings

As I near the end of Objectives I feel much more in percentile and find myself no longer thinking about past situations. I also feel much more focused on my surroundings.


It’s Really Super Being Here

Today was a great day. Though I am tired throughout the day, I almost seem to have gotten a second wind. It’s really super being here right now.


I Am Forever Grateful For This Program

Thankful to be Drug Free Guy
Even though I had a rough start, I couldn’t be happier with my progress and positively optimistic outlook that I have now. I even look forward to coming and participating six out of the seven days of the week. Change is inevitable, however, my perseverance has increased greatly; there’s always room for constant continuous improvement though. I feel more accomplished with each and every day. I am forever grateful for this program.


My Appearance Has Improved

After completing sauna I have been sleeping much better. My appearance has improved, I have more energy and overall feel better.


It’s Been A Good Journey

It’s been a good journey. Good group of people and the best instructors ever.


I’m Able To Focus Better

I’m able to focus better, think quicker and sleep better.


Feeling Stronger Overall

After six days of sauna I feel 20 times better. My appetite has come back, the fatigue has lowered, I’m sleeping more soundly and feeling stronger overall.


Full Night Sleep Without Waking Up

My 5th day in sauna and I’m already feeling better. I’m getting more rest and starting to have a full night sleep without waking up.


Eating Better As Well As Sleeping More

So far I’ve been in sauna for three days and everything is moving forward. I’m eating better as well as sleeping more.


Much More Aware Of My Surrounding

Objectives has helped me become much more aware of my surroundings anywhere I’m at. It has also helped me become much more aware that present time and being in this moment is much more important than dwelling on the past and things that I can no longer control.


Confidence And Skills I Can Use In My Outside Life

While using and maybe even prior, I was dead set on the future and past. While in Objectives, I have learned to be in and remain in present time. It enables me to confront outside situations and also myself. I feel thankful for this part of my program because it is teaching me confidence and skills I can use in my outside life.


Days Are Easier To Get Through

Objectives has somehow suddenly diminished my anxiety to where I can sleep much better. Days are easier to get though. I look forward to beginning the next part of the program.


Aware Of How My Actions Affect Others

Being in course has made me aware of how my actions have not only affected me, but how they have affected my loved ones, and the people I worked with and surrounded myself with. I feel more focused.


I Like Learning About The Different Personalities

I only been in course for about a week. Now still working on Ups and Downs and so far has been pretty good. I like learning about the different personalities and how to apply them in my life.


Focusing On The Things That I Need To

Even though I just started course, I am liking it so far. I am finally focusing on the things I need to and taking the time to think about how I can improve my life. I feel very good about this phase of the program and am looking forward to the challenge of confronting the things I have suppressed all these years.


I’ve Learned A Lot About The Patterns That Lead To My Relapse

I’m feeling really great after writing the majority of my OW’s. I’ve learned a lot about the patterns that lead to my relapse. I’m thankful for the work that I’ve done in the course room. Everything that I know, I must apply to my life at home in order to be successful.


Peacefulness I Haven’t Felt In A Long Time

Writing the letters to the people in my life was hard, but it made me feel better. Apologizing to those I have wronged brings with it a peacefulness I haven’t felt in a long time. It may also help to mend damaged relationships.


Learning Who I Need To Keep In My Life

As of right now, being on Ups and Downs has been very emotional. It’s been difficult, but healing at the same time. I know and am learning who I need to keep in my life and who I need to make a part of my past and keep them there. I am looking forward to seeing the effect it will have on me as a person when I am finished.


I Feel A Lot Better About Myself

I just finished the Ups and Downs part of course. I feel a lot better about myself. I feel as a huge weight been removed off of me. I am very thankful for this program and I have been drug free for so long now.


I Feel Confident I Am Ready To Leave

I have been feeling great relief writing about all of these things I’ve done and I feel confident I am ready to leave and move on with my life.