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Narconon Fresh Start reviews from parents, graduates and teachers sharing the success they’ve had with the program.

I Do Not Want to Use Whatsoever

Life Without Drugs
Currently, thanks to Objectives I have been in a much better state of mind. I have gotten out of my head a lot more and my past hasn’t been a part of my thoughts. Objectives has been a huge help during this program. I feel a lot better about myself. My patience has gotten a lot stronger because of Objectives. I’ve learned how to be in the present time and it has also helped me a lot also. My mindset on getting better has become a huge focus and I do not want to use whatsoever.


Feeling A Lot Better Since I Started Sauna

I have been feeling a lot better since I started sauna. I am with an awesome crew. Sauna has been helping me sleep a lot more solid and be more relaxed.


I Am Starting To Feel These Things Called “Feelings” Again

I am sleeping better than I have in a long time, and I am starting to feel these things called “feelings” again. This tells me that I’m progressing in my sobriety and not being so introverted with my thinking anymore.


I Wake Up And Am Happy To be Here

The sauna has helped me a lot. I sleep plenty now and don’t feel groggy all day anymore. I’m in a much better mood when I wake up and am happy to be here.


I’m Starting To Love Myself

I’m feeling healthy and sleeping great. Waking up normal and I’m starting to love myself for pushing harder.


My Body Is Recovering Nicely

After being in sauna for well over a week, I feel amazing! My sleep has gone from a broken 3-4 hours to a solid 8 hours and my body is recovering nicely. My skin also feels great and is glowing.


Sauna Has Helped Me Improve My Mind, Body And Soul

I feel that my time spent in the sauna has helped me improve my mind, body and soul. It has helped me to be calmer and more introspective.


Feel More Focused

Feel better, more energetic, feel more focused.


In Present Time And Out Of My Head

It’s been rough in Objectives because you have to run all day even when you think you’ve got it. But it has gotten me in present time and out of my head with thinking about the past and future. It has also taught me to be more patient and aware of my body. I’ve had a great group to work with and my twin is pretty awesome. I’m ready for the next step and excited to move on.


A Valuable Experience

After being in Objectives for 12 days, I feel more aware of being in present time. I am learning to be more patient when some Objectives can become lengthy and tedious. This has been a valuable experience.


I’m Glad That I’m Here

I’m glad that I’m here. I feel great and happy that I’m still alive. Objectives is nice. It keeps my mind on what’s going on here and now. It’s great not to be thinking about the past.


More Aware Of Things

Feeling pretty good about everything and more aware of things. I feel in present time and am happy and thankful to be here.


I Have Been Able To Practice Several Different Skills That I Learned

So far in Objectives I have been able to practice several different skills that I learned. First, being patient with myself and others. Another thing I have greatly improved on is self awareness with my surroundings and actually noticing what’s around me. I look forward to seeing how I improve throughout this part of the program.


I Have Came A Long Way

I had a real good Sunday and I got to go to Easter church and eat a real good brunch. I am excited about my progress in the program. I realized I have came a long way.


I Would Recommend this Program to Everyone with an Addiction Problem

Thumbs Up RecommendationThis program has helped me tremendously. I eat better, I sleep better, I feel better. I’m also on more of a schedule now. I work out every other day. I eat way more healthier now. I also quit smoking ciggs which is a plus. I would recommend this program to everyone with an addiction problem.


I Don’t Take These Things For Granted

Thankful for the opportunity. I’ve gained a lot of patience in Objectives and learned how to keep my mind on present time and not the future or past. I don’t take these things for granted.


Thankful To Be Here And Alive

I feel in present time and am thankful to be here and alive. I called my family today and thanked them for pushing me to come here for the first time since leaving home.


Not Focused On The Past

I feel like my attention is in the present time and not focused on the past.


I Find Myself More Focused

This portion of the program has tested my patience and at times has broken it. But through it all I find myself more focused and more tolerant for tedious and mundane tasks that I will face from day to day.


Focusing More On The Present

The transition from sauna to Objectives has been seamless. I am focusing more on the present than dwelling about the past. Overall, Objectives has been a positive experience thus far.


I Can Get Out Of My Head And Relax

By being in Objectives and going through each one, one-by-one it helps me focus on what is going on right now. I feel that I have gained a lot more patience. By doing this part of the program I can get out of my head and relax.


Important Right Now And For My Future

I am actually surprised at the effect Objectives has had on me so far. It is actually something so important right now and for my future. I am able to focus on what I am doing right now in this moment, with patience and forget everything else. That includes my past and any other distractions that shouldn’t be considered at this moment.


I Look Forward To Further Strengthening These Skills

After a few days in Objectives, I’m learning more about being patient and staying in the present moment. It is teaching resilience and not letting yourself quit when something becomes tedious. I look forward to further strengthening these skills.


I Am Glad That I Am Here And Alive

I have started feeling being in present time. I know what is going on. I am glad that I am here and alive.


I’m Focusing On The Right Things

Since starting Objectives I have been gaining a lot of my patience back. I’m starting to feel like I’m in the present and I’m not dwelling on the past as much as I was. I’m focusing on the right things and not all the negativity going on at home.


I Look Forward To The Next Part Of The Program

I’m glad to be moving through the program at a decent rate. I look forward to the next part of the program.


Sauna Has Helped Me Feel More Detoxed

Sauna has helped me feel more detoxed and I sleep better than I have. I’m also waking up without feeling tired.


Feeling Better

So far after the past several days in sauna I have noticed that my skin is much clearer and smoother. It has also been making me feel better.


My Mental State And Health Are Increasing

Progress in sauna has been increasingly beneficial. Sleep has gone from almost none to many nights having at least 6-8 hours. I feel my mental state and health are increasing. I know I will miss this part of the program when I’m finished.


I Am Not Lying To Myself Anymore

I am feeling relief when writing about these drugs because I am not lying to myself anymore. I feel great and am excited to go home.


I Feel My Body Has Been Cleaned Out From All The Toxins

Detoxified Body

I have found the sauna to be of great help to me in many ways. For one, I am sleeping much better. I also have a better appetite. I feel my body has been cleaned out from all the toxins I have been exposed to over the years. In general, I feel my health has greatly improved.


I Have Learned To Follow Directions

So far, I have learned to follow directions/orders very well. I work well with my twin and also my supervisor. I look forward to the next steps I will be taking.


I Have Learned How To Deal With My Lack Of Patience

I have learned how to deal with my lack of patience. I learned how to stay in present time and out of my head. I am ready to finish strong and progress in my program.


Helping To Focus On The Task At Hand

Objectives is a real test in self control and patience. It has however been keeping my mind void of thoughts of the past and future. It has also been helping to focus on the task at hand. I know that as I go through this course, I will learn patience and more self control.


I Am Not Thinking About The Past At All

So far Objectives is going good. I have a great twin who follows everything we run and it really keeps me focused on the present time. I am not thinking about the past at all which is really helping me.


I Have Gotten A Lot Calmer

Objectives, you’ve been real!! Nice knowing you. Since I’ve began Objectives I have gotten a lot calmer! I no longer feel that I have to do something all the time. I’m completely content with doing absolutely nothing now. Objectives was very good for me.


Feeling Good About Being Sober

I have had a great week. I feel that I have gotten out a lot of stuff that has been building up in my mind. I also have been feeling better and better since the beginning until present time. I feel like I have accomplished a lot and am feeling good about being sober and continuing with sobriety.


It Gets Me Out Of My Head

At first I didn’t care much for Objectives, but after getting started, it’s not that bad. It gets me out of my head and my worries go out the window. Once I think back on my day it’s actually kind of fun. It makes the day go by so much faster which is nice because it goes smooth and silky. It also makes it easier when your twin is awesome and as serious as you are.


I Feel Like My Head Has Become More Clear

Each week in sauna has gotten increasingly better and has seemed to go by much more rapidly. Everyday, I feel like my head has become more clear and my attitude much better. I believe my final week should be no different.


Mental Acuity And Sharpness Have Definitely Improved

I am nearing the end of sauna and am finally starting to feel the fog in my brain lift. Mental acuity and sharpness have definitely improved. Appetite is increasing and I am sleeping very well.


My Head Feels Much Clearer

Since starting sauna my head feels much clearer. I have gained weight and my sleep has been much better. All in all I’m starting to feel much better.


Sauna Is Helping Me Sweat The Toxins Out

Sauna is helping me sweat the toxins out. It is making me feel better everyday and also helping me sleep better at night.


I’ve Felt a Change in Myself and the Way I View Myself

Happy Guy
I’ve started on the Ups and Downs In Life course. I’m learning a lot about the people in my life as well as myself. I’m looking forward to writing letters and handling these people for the better. Aside from the book work, I’ve felt a change in myself and the way I view myself lately. I notice my self-worth improving. I’m not sure what exactly has caused it, but I’m excited to grow a little more everyday and start loving myself again.


Being There Physically, Mentally And Emotionally

So far, I’m beginning Objectives and doing TR’s. I have learned to be there physically, mentally and emotionally. Watching the videos and physically going through the process has been helping immensely. I can take things as they are with the help of my twin and supervisor. I am eager to proceed with the process and move on to each step as time goes by. My twin is so very easy to work with and helps me go through the steps. I am more and more comfortable with my surroundings and just being there.


This Will Help Me For The Rest Of My Life

I’ve came to realize that I’m here learning how to become a better person. This will help me for the rest of my life and help me with my kids. I’m feeling a little more comfortable in my skin everyday. Being around people and making conversation that I would’ve never done before I came here. These next couple months are an investment in my future and I’m feeling really positive about it. Thank you for this opportunity.


Each Step Has Its Purpose

The more time I have spent in this program the more benefit I have seen. Each step has its purpose.


Growing Strong In Handling My Triggers

I am doing great. I am improving on fixing all my faults. I am also growing strong in handling my triggers and wants towards substance abuse.


Skills To Help Me In The Real World

So far I’ve got a lot out of the program. I’ve been able to learn skills to help me in the real world. Course has particularly been a big help.


I Will Always Think Of How My Actions Affect Other People

I learned a lot on the Family course. I didn’t realize how I was only thinking of myself by doing bad things to my family. From now on, I will always think of how my actions affect other people and not just myself.


My Mind Feels Clearer Every Day

I am doing the course portion of the program now. I am finding that writing my thoughts down and reading what I wrote is helping me to see where I was and how far that I have come since being here at Narconon Fresh Start. My mind feels clearer every day and I’m feeling better. I am looking forward to getting on with my life in a positive constructive way and back to my family and functioning as the person that I know I am capable of being.


I Do Feel My Body And Mind Continuing To Heal

Sauna so far has been a unique and sometimes exhausting experience. I do feel my body and mind continuing to heal and am looking forward to working more on healing my mind.


Grateful To be Feeling Better

Each day gets easier, not only in sauna, but also here at Narconon Fresh Start. Shannon has been integral in helping me maintain a positive mental attitude, as this New Life Detoxification can get very draining mentally and physically. Overall, I am just grateful to be feeling better.


Getting Better Each Day

So far, so good. Getting better each day. I like the people in my sauna group. They’re really helping me in many ways.


Sauna Has Helped Me A Lot

Sauna has helped me a lot. Wake up every day feeling good. Better and better each day. Mood is swell.


Starting To Have A Much More Clear Head

So far sauna/detox has helped me sleep much better. I also have been eating much better. I also have been eating better and starting to have a much more clear head. I feel like all of these things will keep increasing and doing better as I go.


Life Is Awesome

I’m sleeping better, eating better and life is awesome. I’m feeling less anxious and more calm and relaxed.


Feeling A Lot Better

I’m feeling a lot better. My skin color is good and I’m sleeping and waking up well.


I Have A Much Better Understanding

Since last week I feel I have a much better understanding of Objectives and I’m getting the hang of filling out the worksheets correctly. I’m confident I will have enough patience to finish Objectives.


Course Has Helped Me Tremendously

The Objectives course has helped me tremendously. So far, I feel like I am more focused on present time and not in the past anymore. I have also gained a lot more patience since I began this course. When I first began Objectives I hated it, but I now see why this course is part of this program and I am grateful.


I have Learned a Lot of Tools to Keep from Going Back to My Old Ways

Since I have been in this program thus far I have learned a lot of tools to keep from going back to my old ways of living, such as types of people to associate myself with, and reasons not do drugs. Also, I have been able to reconnect with myself and start rebuilding my relationship with my loved ones. Not to mention that the sobriety time I have accumulated while being here.


Toxins Are Starting To Leave My Body

Sleeping better and starting to have a more clear head space. I am also eating better and waking up much less tired and feel like toxins are starting to leave my body. Having a lot more energy during the day.


I Feel Like A New Person Physically And Mentally

I feel like a new person physically and mentally. I’m thinking more clearly and lost memories are coming back. Sauna gives me a lot of time to think and sort out these new feelings and thoughts that I am experiencing.


It’s A Great Feeling To Not Want To Use As Soon As You Get Up

After this past week my sleeping is coming back. I feel better and am eating better. I’m starting to feel like myself again. It’s a great feeling to not want to use as soon as you get up.


I Have Been Given A Gift To Heal

I’m feeling better overall. Better sleep, full appetite. I miss home, but I know I have been given a gift to heal.


Sauna Has Improved My Physical State Of Being

Despite feeling down emotionally, sauna has improved my physical state of being and my overall mood and demeanor. Some days are tougher than others. Overall, I am sleeping and eating better. I am surrendering to and trusting the process.


Increased Energy Level

So far, sauna has helped me in many ways. I am now sleeping through the night. I am eating much better and my energy level from taking all the vitamins has increased. We have a great group of people in sauna so it makes the time go by quick so I’m really enjoying sauna. And the staff are really helpful.


Sweating Out The Toxins And Feeding My Body Vitamins

Everyday I wake up feeling physically better. Sweating out the toxins and feeding my body vitamins and good food is really helping. I look forward to finishing the sauna and feeling even better afterward.


Life Is Solid

The amount of progress I’ve made is night and day. Finally sleep is solid, appetite is solid and life is solid.


I Can Feel And See A Huge Change

I’m pleased to have been given Objectives a chance. It went rather quickly and I know I’m not fully done, but I can feel and see a huge change. Thank you.


Notice Big Changes In My Patience And Attention Span

It’s been two days in Objectives now and I am starting to notice big changes in my patience and attention span. I am excited to finish and move on to the next step.


Starting To Think About My Future For Once

I’m sleeping and feeling better. Starting to think about my future for once.


My Cravings Are Diminishing

As each day goes by, my body continues to feel better and my cravings are diminishing. My mood is even more stabilized and my intentions to succeed are stronger.


Glad To Be Feeling More Like Myself

It’s getting near the end of my sauna session and I have been feeling better more and more everyday. I have been sleeping a lot better throughout the night. I am becoming more aware of what is going around me and what is currently happening right now. I am so glad to be feeling more like myself.


I’m Going To Get The Most Out Of This Program

Every step I’ve taken in this program at Narconon Fresh Start, I have gotten a lot out of. Objectives taught me patience and how to deal with emotions. Course is very helpful. Writing down things that you have been through helps a lot. I have become a person who is living day-by-day and not so much in a hurry. I’m going to get the most out of this program so I can deal with anything that comes my way.


I Will Live A Clean And Sober Life

I feel much better about my future, hopes and aspirations. I feel that I will live a clean and sober life. I got in present time during Objectives and completely detoxed from sauna. I’m currently taking responsibility for my harmful acts by writing my overs and withholds on paper.


I’m Back To My Old Self Again

I truly feel that I have broken my addiction at this point through the detox and Objectives. I feel like I’m back to my old self again and I look forward to completing course.


Everyday I Feel Better

The program so far has been great. I’ve gotten a lot of good out of it. It’s been challenging, but everyday I feel better. I can’t wait to go home and see my family and my old friends. It has been a good experience and I learned a lot, but my time is almost over.