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Sauna has given me much more clarity in my life

Sauna Drug DetoxI am very excited to be out of sauna, but Sauna helped me a lot. Before I started Sauna I felt as I was always tired, but after completing Sauna I feel a burst of energy. Sauna also helped me gain some much needed weight from when I first started. I feel that sauna has given me much more clarity in my life.


I completed the New Life Drug Detoxification program and feel great and back to my former self again.


Thanks to Narconon Program I have gave myself the tools to change my life.



Thanks to the Changing Conditions course I have a formula to change the conditions in my life. It will be one of the ways I improve my life.


Thanks to OW’s I saw what kind of mistakes I was making. I see the changes I need to make so that it doesn’t happen again.


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I can fully progress in life …

Dad and SonObjectives has opened my eyes to where I am able to comprehend and understand my past behaviors of past actions. Now that I am aware of this, I can fully progress in life and the Fresh Start Program.


Sauna and weights are fun to do. Feeling good and getting physically healthier.


Still working my way through course. It is a lot of writing, but it is interesting to see how I have effected my family and society.


I’m happy about Battle Plans to see where I can and will be in time. Sober living will be good to help me stay sober and meat good sober friends.


I am so excited to be at the last step of the Fresh Start process. I want to be the best person I can become and this program has helped so much. Thank you everyone – I feel alive!


Working out has made me feel healthier.


I’m progressively flowing through this program with an accepting attitude as well as placing my mind in present time.


I feel more in touch with myself than ever before in my life because of the Objectives course. I am more oriented in life, aware of my surroundings and can handle people and situations better.


Ever since I started sauna I feel more better physically.


Sticking to the program hourly helps.


As I remember, with each passing day, I continue to feel better. The sauna produces the results that I so desperately need to ensure I benefit the most from my review here. Thank you for the opportunity.


If you or a loved one need help with drug or alcohol addiction, call 855-734-2223 for free consultation and to find out how we can help.

Today I Realized …

Happy Guy
I have really been enjoying the sauna program. I feel much healthier, happier, and more calm. The sauna has given me time to think about many things.

Today I realized,

1. Just how much I had distanced myself from friends and family. People I talked to every day before drugs and alcohol only received text messages occasionally if ever.

2. How unsafe it was for my employees to work with me and by not using safety procedures, the risk I had put myself in.

3. How much I neglected my business and financial responsibilities.

4. Getting a better understanding of just how erratic my behavior was.

5. I can hold a conversation now without changing the subject 10 times before finishing.

6. I was taking Ambien more (after I quit using meth) to avoid facing the direction my life was going.

7. How many lies I told, I never thought I lied about anything other than my drug use but am now realizing that lies come in more forms than words.

Thanks again to everyone at Narconon Fresh Start!


I Have Learned So Much

Having never been to any type of rehab before, and was expecting an AA program since that’s the only type I had ever heard of even though I was willing to go, I was scared silly about what was going to happen.

The Fresh Start staff made the transition from every day life into the program very comfortable. Everyone there is very knowledgeable, understanding, and helpful.

I was expecting to go through hell during my withdrawal period but because of the one on one care and the natural approach that the Narconon Fresh Start program takes for withdrawals made it fairly easy.

I have learned so much in the short time I have been here. I have not had any desire to have alcohol. Since being more educated about Ambien, I can say that I don’t even miss that. I managed to sleep 6 solid hours for the first time in 25 years without any sleep aids! I am extremely grateful for Narconon Fresh Start and I have barely just begun.


I Very Much Enjoy Being Here

When I first arrived I felt very scared, overwhelmed and cried. However everyone here welcomed me and I felt comforted that there was no judgment and tons of understanding. It was hard to be alone with out music. Plus I still didn’t feel well. But I slept a full 8 hours comfortably and woke feeling better than the day before. Jackie and Lindsey were awesome to me. I got to have a long Epson salt bath that really helped the injuries that I arrived with. The second day helped me understand the program more and helped me feel less anxious. Everyday that passes I feel better and the other students are all so welcoming and kind. We all can relate to each other which was very comforting. The assists were very relaxing and the exercises they taught me was very helpful. I very much enjoy being here and am eager to continue now that I am out of withdrawal.


It Feels Good to Have Energy and Not Crave

This is my 3rd day of sauna and since starting this process I have realized a few things.

1. It feels good to have energy and not crave or feel I need alcohol to not be anxious or depressed.

2. The exercising I have been doing feels great, it has always been my passion.

3. I feel proud of myself instead of ashamed of my behavior.

4. I feel more clear headed everyday. Like I used to feel before becoming an alcoholic.

5. I am making art again, I wasn’t when I was drunk and high everyday.

6. Being alone bothers me less and less each day.

7. I am having less intense stressful/scary dreams.


More Observant and Aware

I feel really good after finishing Objectives. Its amazing how much more observant and aware I have become. I really enjoyed Objectives. Thanks to Jason and Phil for taking the time to explain each one to me and making sure I fully understand it. I also have an improved ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication) with my environment and the people in it as well as the ability to use intention and control. Overall I am very glad I came to Narconon South Texas to do my program. All the staff and interns are great. I am looking forward to moving onto the next step of the program.


No Longer Have Any Joint Aches or Pains

After completing sauna I no longer have any joint aches or pains. My sleep is finally back to normal and I feel really good.


If you or a loved one need help with drug or alcohol addiction, call 855-734-2223 for free consultation and to find out how we can help.

Significant Improvement In My Abilities

Content WomanI just finished Training Drills and although it was tough to get through the first part of them, I got a lot out of doing them. After talking with several staff members, I understood better the real life applications of each drill. I saw significant improvement in my abilities to communicate, be there comfortably and confront. In my opinion Training Drills are the most important part of the entire Narconon Fresh Start program.


Present Moment

Objectives made me live in the present moment.


I Feel Great

After going on a long hike yesterday I feel great. It really cleared my head and it was good to get out for a couple hours and enjoy nature.


Finishing the Program

Its Monday morning. Today marks my last week here. I am excited to be finishing the program and moving forward with my life. Thank you.


Good Routine

I have developed a good routine of lifting weights and jogging. I am also eating a proper diet now and have even been sleeping on a normal routine now.


Pleased With My Progress

I am very pleased with my progress in my program this far and I am very much looking forward to finishing my review and getting my life back on track and myself back in school.


Things Keep Getting Better

Sending letter has def made me feel better. I am working on my battle plans to help me think about what I am doing when I leave here. I could not have done this without my twins. I love him more than anything. Things keep getting better.


Getting Better and Better

This just keeps getting better and better. Thanks so much to the staff and Marni is the greatest.


I Am Happy

First day in course. I am happy I am moving along in the program. One day closer to living life outside of a program.


Rewarding Part of the Program

I am excited to be making progress and to be getting closer to interning. I feel course is the most rewarding part of the program.


I Feel Awesome

Its my 5th day in the sauna and I feel awesome! Both students and staff are awesome and making the stay enjoyable.


Sleeping Well

Sauna is making me sleep well. I feel like a million bucks. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start!



Sauna has given me time and clarity on what is important in my life, such as my daughter.


Becoming More Comfortable

Today I’m doing Training Drills and I am becoming more comfortable with confronting another person. The Training Drills can be frustrating and seem unimportant at times. But the longer you drill the better you understand them. I have learned a lot about why we do each Training Drill. And it has been very helpful and informative.


An Energy I Haven’t Felt Since I Was a Kid

Everyday in sauna I feel an energy I haven’t felt since I was a kid. The staff have been so positive throughout the past few long weeks in here and it has helped out so much.


Amazing Changes

I am almost done with the Objectives course and it has amazed me how much I have taken from this course. I would have never guessed that such simple drills could produce such amazing changes. Thanks to my twin for running a proper session. Also thanks to my course sups for explaining each Objective very well. I’m happy I came to Narconon Fresh Start. No other center could have given me the sensational experience I have received here.


Feel Back to Normal

Before the sauna I was skeptical my joint aches would ever subside. The past two days have really disproved that. I finally feel back to normal. Zero pain anywhere.


If you or a loved one need help with substance abuse, please contact a specialist today for a free consultation to find out more about how the Narconon Fresh Start program can help.

Key Essentials to Live a Prosperous, Sober Life

Successful Life

I have invested a lot of time in other rehabilitation centers whose time span has been much longer than Narconon Fresh Start, and I’ve come to realize one thing; its not about how much time you spend at a treatment center, but the tools that you acquire. I have been 8 months sober now and I have never felt as fulfilled or comfortable in my own skin as I do now. Narconon Fresh Start has bestowed upon me the key essentials to live a prosperous, sober life. I have learned to move on and come to terms with all my mistakes; and instead of dwelling on my errors, I have learned from them. This program has allowed me to recuperate the relationship with my family, as well as be part of a new one. My own Narconon little fam-bam!


Living a Productive Life

I feel a lot better now that I’ve begun to clear my space. It hasn’t been easy or fun but I can see how it is necessary in order to keep it moving and live a productive life.



I thought I got bad news last week but I managed to put a positive spin on it. The program has given me these skills. Thanks to the staff for being so helpful.


Ready for Real World

I am excited to be near the end of the program and feel ready to go into the real world.


My Sobriety

Every day that goes by makes me feel better about my sobriety.


Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually Benefited

Sauna, objectives and course has benefited me in many ways. Sauna benefited me physically, objectives benefited me mentally, and course has benefited me both emotionally and spiritually.


Confident in My Recovery

Well I made it another week and completed another part of the program. I am feeling very confident in my recovery at this point.


Couldn’t Be Happier

I successfully completed OBJ 9 and I couldn’t be happier in the present moment.


Teaching Me Patience

Objectives is teaching me patience and helping me stay in the present.


A Great Time Learning

Its been a great time so far in objectives, learning a lot about myself and others is fun, also very important to grow. Looking forward to completing and moving to course.


I Plan to Go Very Far with the Life Skills Taught

You guys really are amazing. I plan to go very far in life with the skills taught in this program. I hope to maybe come back and intern someday. I am so glad I had the opportunity to join this program and to meet all of you. What you do is truly amazing. I appreciate you all. Thank you for making my stay so comfortable and enjoyable.


It Has Been A Blessing

Thanks for providing this environment for everyone to learn, grow, share, meditate, and balance life. There is no way in which I can ever repay you for this. It has been a blessing in disguise. All of the counselors provide so much. They do a great service which is extremely hard to do. I just want to thank everyone for the help from the mot simplest to the most complex. You have trained them well and I couldn’t thank them enough or give back for all they have taught me. Wish everyone the best for a bright future.


Truly Ready for A Fresh Start

Personal Values/Overts & Withholds was amazing. I confronted so much, everything from my past that I would not have done otherwise and would have continued pushing it to the back of my mind. I truly feel like I am now ready for a fresh start. Thank you.


My Parents Have Their Daughter Back

I have over 2 years sober thanks to this program. I now work here and feel like, I have another family! I love all the people I have met along the way and am very thankful for this program. I have learned how to communicate better with my own family and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start my parents have their daughter back and I found myself again!