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I have no cravings or desires to use alcohol again

I was living a life of failure and sickness and repetition of mistakes. I felt hopeless, I have been admitted to the hospital, had been jailed, all because alcohol abuse. I disappointed my family, the feelings of guilt and shame only made my abuse increase. I felt like I’m already a failure so why stop using. My daughter made me see that their arrangements for me were going to send me to Narconon South Texas. I arrived frightened and anxious, doubting that I could even do this without failure. Welcome to sauna, (After a very painful and eye opening withdraw-detox). After 25 days of sauna, I couldn’t believe the difference; eating, exercise, sleeping properly all clearing my mind and preparing me to study and learn. My experience at Narconon has changed my life forever; I have no cravings or desires to use alcohol again. I hope to show others how they too can achieve similar success.
R. H.