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The New Life Detoxification program is a unique drug detox program that flushes out drug residuals that can drive drug cravings.

Getting Rid of the Drug Toxins

Getting Rid of Drug ToxinsThe Narconon Fresh Start program helps individuals to get the drug toxins out of their body so that they can think more clear and feel better physically. Here’s a success story from one of our students. 

Wow, I really can’t even begin to rationalize my actions of the past 3 years of my life. Drugs and alcohol really transformed me into a degenerate. My mother didn’t raise me to be this way. I am ashamed of the things I’ve done, but proud that I actually found the strength to change. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat program is the key factor responsible for the change I’ve gone through. I can finally see myself again. I’m no longer dreading my reflection in the mirror. I still don’t know what was uglier, my actual face or my personality while I was high. I’m just so glad to be rid of all the toxins that I had stored in my body.

– J.V.

Prepared to Live a Drug-Free Life

Living Drug Free | Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryA Narconon Fresh Start graduate shares his success and experience throughout the program.

Today I completed the Narconon program. When I first came up to the lodge from withdraw I had a very bad attitude towards the program. I did not want to be here and didn’t think the program would help me. I started sauna and at first my attitude got worse. About halfway through I started to feel a lot better and realized that it was helping me a lot. The cravings for drugs were gone and I had a lot more energy. I completed sauna and started the objectives course. Once again I thought they were pointless, but as time went on I realized that they really were making me more aware of my environment and bringing me into present time. I got through them and went on to complete the Ups and Downs book, the Personal Values book and the Changing Conditions book. I feel like a new person now that I have completed the program and now I feel prepared to live a drug free life.

~ Caleb G. ~

Narconon Fresh Start Goes Above and Beyond

Narconon Fresh Start LogoWhile most other drug rehab programs consider detox to be complete when their client’s withdrawal process has ended, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs know that there is more to be done to help a person looking to fully recover from their addiction problem. Unbeknownst to the substances abuser, the substances they consume leave behind drug and alcohol metabolites and toxins which remain stored in their fatty tissue for years after they have been ingested. It is essential that these residual drug metabolites and toxins be removed so that they do not cause the recovering individual to suffer from drug cravings, depression and many other physical and emotional stressors when they are released into their blood stream. This process is a key component of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and is credited to be the reason for our exceptional success rate of total rehabilitation.

“The sauna program has really changed me. I feel so much different now that I get 8 hours of sleep I am much more alert and focused; I’m also more motivated and determined to do better in life. The sauna programs have also made my friends and family respect me and want to be around me more. I’m really looking forward to moving on in the program and having plenty of more wins.”
F. B.

“I feel much better now that I have completed sauna. I feel more alert and energetic. I feel like my body is clean and way more in shape. I know that I have got all the harmful toxins out of my body; it will be much easier to stay sober.”
D. S.

This Time Around

I feel really good about my sauna program this time. The New Life Detoxification Program has helped me in the past when I first came to Rainbow Canyon Retreat years ago. I know that the benefits I achieved then have been accomplished them time around and that I am toxin free again. I wish I hadn’t relapsed but…I did and going through the dry sauna program again has helped me back on my road to lasting sobriety. This time around, I took my time and did it right. I didn’t hide any of my reactions during the detox process. I became very in tune with how my body reacts to different things and how my body functions overall. This is a very empowering feeling and I’m so glad I did it.
R. C.

A Single Dad Who Had Lost His Way

About a month and a half ago I was a wandering mindless mess trying to run a business, be a single dad and maintain my home all while taking OxyContin,  Soma, Valium and cocaine; it was not pretty. Now, I am clear minded and positive about my future. The dry sauna therapy of the New Life Detoxification Program has lifted the wool from my eyes and mind. I feel great physically and mentally, this is an awesome feeling and accomplishment.
R. P.