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No longer skin and bones!

I feel better than I have in a very long time! When I first started the New Life Detoxification Program I was skin and bones. I had no appetite, no muscle tone and the dark circles under my eyes reminded me of a raccoon. These days I’m feeling like my old self again, the me before I needed drugs to get up in the morning. I’m exercising every day before sauna and feeling my body geting healthier and stronger. I’ve gained a few pounds and I’m starting to look healthy too. The dark circles under my eyes have almost completely gone away and with another week of healthy living and time in the sauna I know I’ll be looking good once again! This program has been amazing and has helped me recover from the inside out. I’m so grateful that I enrolled at Narconon Fresh Start so that I could fully detox and purify myself from the years of substance use that I’ve put my body through.
N. M.

Getting so much out of the sauna program

Today is day 2 of sauna. I slept really well last night, completely uninterrupted. I ran just a tad further today too.
M. S.

The physical and mental gains program participants get out of the New Life Detoxification Program are astounding. During the client’s time in the dry sauna therapy they participant in a protocol of medically supervised exercise in combination with scientifically formulated nutritional supplements and time spent sweating in the sauna. The primary purpose of this regimen is to flush out the accumulated toxic metabolites stored in the person’s fatty tissues. Doing so effectively removes the root cause of future drug and alcohol re-stimulation and eliminates physical cravings that can potentially lead to relapse.

Feeling Ten Times Better!

I feel ten times better ever since I came here. When I first came to Sunshine Summit Lodge I wanted to leave and do drugs because I couldn’t handle it. However, as the days went by I started to realize that drugs are not the thing for me. Before, I had only cared about myself and no one else but getting my drugs. Then, I realized I can have an even better life without doing drugs.

Sauna has really helped me out not too. Not only did it make me feel really good as each day went by, but I noticed a lot of great changes in myself. Before, I couldn’t sleep at all – now I sleep at least 8 hours straight without waking up. I finally completed the second step of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and I feel great! Thank you to the staff of Narconon Fresh Start.
N. I.

Begin the Process of Rehabilitation from the Inside Out

Over time, drug addiction and alcoholism take a huge toll on the user’s body. To be able to fully recover from one’s addiction issues and restore a person back to their peek physical condition it is essential that the person in recovery understand all of the conditions that could hinder their rehabilitation process. Getting a complete physical is a necessary part of understanding one’s current physical state and what is needed to improve their overall health.

In addition to addressing the general health of a recovering individual, working to flush out the toxins and metabolites left behind by drug and alcohol use is a key step in one’s recovery process. When a person consumes alcohol or takes drugs their body stores the toxins and metabolites in the user’s fatty tissue. Going through a total body purification process will effectively remove these remaining toxins and metabolites giving the person’s body new life and vitality.

This chemical buildup of drug toxins and metabolites does not necessarily create any effect while they are stored in the person’s tissue; it is when they are ultimately released into the person’s body that they trigger cravings and physical compulsions to use. The toxins become dislodged and released at haphazard times – anything from exercise to stress can cause them to become dislodged and circulate in the blood, essentially re-stimulating the user once again. When this happens the user experiences a physical, emotional and psychological reaction to the re-stimulating effects of the drug/alcohol toxins and metabolites.

A sauna-based detoxification process cleanses the person’s body of any residual toxins and metabolites and works to end physical cravings for alcohol and drugs. Narconon Fresh Start uses the New Life Detoxification Program to fully detoxify their clients. This program consists of a protocol of medically supervised exercise, time spent sweating in a dry sauna and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements that target the fatty tissue to release the residual drug and alcohol toxins and metabolites.

The New Life Detoxification program is a process that takes several weeks. While it can be a challenging part of the rehabilitation process, the results program participants gain from completing the sauna detoxification program are numerous. Within the first week of the New Life Detoxification program clients begin to have color back in their face, their eyes appear brighter and clearer and their energy levels increase. As they progress through their sauna detox program clients comment that they are sleeping better at night and waking well rested in the morning. Their mood swings diminish and their anxiety levels balance out leaving them feeling more centered and balanced than they have felt in years; often when this portion of the Narconon Fresh Start program is complete client’s state that they feel more like themselves and more alive and healthy than ever before.

What a Relief

Today was great success in sauna. I was able to cut back on smoking cigarettes and that has made such an improvement in how I feel. I hope that by the time I graduate from the New Life Detoxification Program I’ll be entirely smoke free. What a relief to not be dependent on any substance! Ending my addiction to prescription pills has been difficult but quitting smoking is going to be a huge challenge too. I know that if I apply the tech I’ve learned here I’ll be able to stop smoking and heal my body completely from all the damage I’ve done to it over the years.
M. B.