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Patching Things Up With Family

A portion of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program focuses on helping the recovering individual with their family and personal relationships.

“After being here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat for several months I feel more like myself than I have in years. I’m healthy for the first time and able to exercise and take good care of myself. The meals here are delicious and I’m gaining healthy weight. The skills I’ve learned have helped me to work things through with my family and they have welcomed me back to their home. It’s a huge step for them and one that I’m really happy about. To know that because of the hard work I’ve done here I’m going to get to have a safe place to live when I return home makes things so much easier for my continued sobriety. I think that they are even going to attend my graduation in a couple weeks! With my sobriety and new view on life I know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”
P. T.
Narconon Fresh Start Review 2015

Through the Narconon Fresh Start program in Nevada this client has been able to finally get clean and sober as well as rebuild their relationship with their family. While a lot of the recovery process focuses on helping the individual overcome their addiction problems, there is a portion of the program dedicated to helping reestablish family dynamics and personal relationships. This helps to pave the way for graduates to reenter their family environment in a way that is positive and beneficial for all members of the household, including the loved ones of the recovered individual.



Recovery in a Peaceful Setting at Rainbow Canyon Retreat

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is located in a peaceful setting where recovery can take place.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment doesn’t mean having to be locked away to undergo rehabilitation. At Rainbow Canyon Retreat, recovery takes place is a peaceful setting where program participant’s come to feel right at home. Formerly a dude ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat located in Nevada remains an active cattle and horse grazing property where clients can find solace and peace of mind during their recovery process. Often described as “warm and homey”, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is much different than the sterile environment of many other drug rehab programs. Consisting of several buildings, common areas and a main log cabin style house where program participants come to gather together for meals and free time activities. Our drug rehab center provides the balance between structure and comfort to allow our clients to feel at ease during their stay.

While a great deal of the client’s time is focused on their recovery, there are many enjoyable activities to participant in during free time. At the main cabin program participants can enjoy meals together, relax, play cards, play games, and watch movies. The grounds also have a number of outdoor activity locations such as volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, swimming and softball. Residing in a residential drug rehab program provides recovering individuals with comradery and a group dynamic. Years of research on addiction recovery has shown that these elements are a key part to providing a successful rehabilitation environment.

The time and energy one invests in their recovery while attending Rainbow Canyon Retreat will benefit them throughout the rest of their life. Not only are they addressing their addiction problem during their time in our program, they are gaining life skills that will help guide them in making positive, productive and healthy choices in their future. Through the Rainbow Canyon Retreat alcohol and drug rehab program graduates learn how to handle life substance-free, critical life skills to remain clean and sober, relapse prevention tools and how to set and achieve personal goals for their future.

Addiction Recovery Through Natural Healthful Methods

With over four decades of successful addiction recovery treatment, Narconon Fresh Start is leading the way in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Narconon Fresh Start’s network of drug rehabilitation centers are leaders in the field of addiction recovery. With treatment locations in Colorado, Texas, Nevada and Southern California their unique approach to addiction recovery has helped thousands over the past four decades end their addiction problem and learn to lead happy, healthy productive lives.

The Narconon Fresh Start program handles addiction recovery using the innovative holistic methods created by Mr. Benitez and Mr. Hubbard. Decades ago, Mr. Benitez was able to finally recover from his addiction problem using the life skills and education he learned through Mr. Hubbard’s literature. Much of Mr. Hubbard’s life was spent researching techniques to help others learn to live happier lives and recover from past unhappy experiences. Mr. Hubbard’s continued research on addiction recovery generated a natural, healthful way to assist addicted individuals mentally, physically and emotionally.

Taking what he learned, Mr. Benitez created a workable application of Mr. Hubbard’s principles to form a drug rehabilitation program that he shared with others. Their collaboration resulted in the first Narconon program. A drug and alcohol rehab program that works to address the individual as a whole, the reasons behind their substance abuse, and the damage they have caused their mind and body through their addiction.

Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program have completely healed from their addiction program. They do not take drug substitution medication to enable them to remain sober, they have achieved sobriety all on their own with no use of prescription medication. Graduates do not have to attend meetings, counseling or any other form of continued treatment because they have learned all the skills and tools they need to live the drug-free successful lives they envision for themselves.



Rainbow Canyon Retreat Helps Their Graduates Achieve the Life They Truly Want to be Living

Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab successful ends addiction and educates the program participant on how to live a happy, productive and ethical life free of drug and alcohol use.

September 29, 2014

As one of the premier drug rehab programs in the country, Narconon Fresh Start has treatment locations in a variety of ideal settings chosen for their safety and picturesque sites. Nevada is the home to Narconon Fresh Start’s Rainbow Canyon Retreat, located in a serene valley meadow beneath the beautiful layered colors of Rainbow Canyon. This drug rehab center is near Caliente, Nevada and provides program participants with the distraction free environment they need to address their drug and/or alcohol addiction. Situated on three hundred and twenty acres, this facility offers the remoteness and safety necessary to leave the temptations and restimulative environment program participants have been living in behind them so they can focus on their recovery.

As a former dude ranch, the Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab program offers scenic canyon views and fresh clean air; a welcome change for program participants looking to begin a fresh start in their life. This large rural facility includes all the necessary spaces and amenities essential to providing program participants with an enjoyable stay during their time enrolled in the program. With numerous buildings on the property, program participants have several common and recreational areas to utilize during their time at Rainbow Canyon Retreat after their regular program hours.

The Narconon Fresh Start program at Rainbow Canyon Retreat takes up a majority of the program participant’s time. As one of the most comprehensive and thorough drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation programs, Narconon Fresh Start’s Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab successful ends addiction and educates the program participant on how to live a happy, productive and ethical life free of drug and alcohol use. With the combination of their New Life Detoxification Program and cognitive behavioral modification program, Rainbow Canyon Retreat graduates complete rehab ready to begin living a substance-free lifestyle. They have been truly rehabilitated during their time in this drug rehab and leave with all the necessary tools and skills to create the life they truly want to be living.


Its 2014, are you ready for a change?

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are the most effective treatment option for individuals who have already tried short term treatment, meetings and counseling. Their drug rehab facilities are the Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado, The Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas, the Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada and the Sunshine Summit Lodge in California are picturesque and ideal settings for working on one’s personal issues. Each of their locations provides program participants with individualized treatment so that they can personally overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. The Narconon Fresh Start program is designed to help the recovering individual recognize, confront and resolve their underlying issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. Their drug rehab center’s locations are chosen for their ability to provide a safe retreat from the day to day struggle of drug addiction.

Narconon Fresh Start centers know that drug addiction and alcoholism are not a disease, they are a learned behavior. Unlearning this behavior takes time and patients. Attending a drug rehabilitation center helps drug addicted individuals to remove themselves from their environment for a period of time with less distractions. This provides the individual with time to contemplate what began their destructive path toward drug addiction and how they are going to repair the past, and plan for a new future.

Using the long term steps of recovery learned through Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation centers, individuals are able to better manage their life and create more happiness than sadness. Narconon drug rehabilitation centers assist in all aspects of one’s life; even after recovery from drug addiction so that hazardous or dangerous situations do not continually occur. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs are able to overcome obstacles which may have seemed impossible in the past. Overcoming drug addiction takes tremendous desire to change one’s life, hard work and a program that works. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation centers success rates are unsurpassed. Are you ready for a change? Contact Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab today and begin on the journey to change your life Please call (855) REHAB-CENTER (855-734-2223) for a consultation and assessment.