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Education, the key to successful drug rehab

The key to drug rehab treatment is education. While the education one receives varies
from program to program, it is generally aimed at helping the client to
honestly look at their addiction issues and learn to take realistic steps to
change their attitude and methods of dealing with problem situations. While in
treatment the program participant will learn about the nature of addiction to
alcohol and other substances as well as the dynamics of addiction itself. They
will be informed about the consequences of substance use and its many negative
effects on one’s body and mind. At the beginning of rehab most addicts will
still be holding onto some denial regarding the seriousness of their dependence
issues or may even be ambivalent when it comes to permanently stopping their
substance use. Drug rehab programs work to break through this denial and
ambivalence in order to help the client get to the core issues and commit to
living a clean, drug-free life. Narconon Fresh Start’s recognized
rehabilitation program has many pieces, is very well-thought-out and is arranged
in a precise stage by stage order to achieve the greatest outcome for our
program participants. This path to real recovery is challenging, but with the
right guidance and our effective rehabilitation technology it can be achieved.

What I Have Learned Has Made Me Stronger

I have successfully completed book 5 (The Ups and Downs in Life Course). The knowledge I have gained through this part of my program will give me the ability to look at people and determine whether they are good for me in my sobriety and happiness or bad for me and are out there just to bring me down. This knowledge will also help me in my handling or disconnecting from these people. All of this only makes me stronger and more confident in my sobriety. I realize that I have the ability to live a happy life!
M. D.

A Big Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start

As a graduate of the Narconon Fresh Start program I personally know how amazing their rehab is. I wouldn’t be here today without it. I had tried several times to end it all. I put myself in very dangerous situations, not just for a female but for a person in general. Looking back at my poor choices I hope that I can prevent someone else from going down the dark road I took for several years. The Christmas before I got sober I tried so hard to overdose but just ended up passing out instead. I believe that God had other plans for me. I was meant to be on this earth and to find sobriety.

Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start all those years ago I now know why I’m here. Today, I’m lucky enough to be a wife and mother of two amazing boys. If I hadn’t taken all I learned while at Narconon and applied it to my life when I came home I would have relapsed for sure. But I didn’t. I stayed strong and used all the life training I had learned to keep making the right choices each and EVERY day. Now I have two little lives that depend on me for their welling being and I am so thankful to be here for them. I am proud to tell people that I graduated from the Narconon Fresh Start program and it changed my life. I’m now a loving daughter, caring wife and doting mother. I am NOT an addict and I will NEVER be an addict again! Thanks Narconon Fresh Start for making that so.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat Saved Our Son

Our son went through the Rainbow Canyon Retreat, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program 6 months ago and it has made all the difference in his life and our family’s. We now have our son back. When he was addicted pain killers and marijuana he became nearly unrecognizable to us. Thanks to this amazing program he is once again the loving, thoughtful boy we always knew him as. He has a new job here in town and is looking into going back to college to get his degree.