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Triggered to Use

A person who has recently stopped using drugs or alcohol can become triggered by numerous different stimuli. When a recovered person returns home from any of our Narconon Fresh Start treatment programs: Fort Collins New Life Center, Lone Star Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat or Sunshine Summit Lodge they may encounter triggers that set off the urge to use drugs or alcohol. A trigger for a recovering or recovered individual can be something as small as a specific smell or object that brings up memories of their substance using past. Needless to say, if something as minor as smell can trigger a person than being in specific places where they used or spending time with people they used with are very big triggers. These triggers create a spark in their mind reminding them of their past, whether good or bad, and causes psychological stress. The counselors at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers have a number of ways to help their client’s push past these triggers without losing control and experiencing a relapse.

Able to apply what I’ve learned

I look forward to being able to apply what I’ve learned at Sunshine Summit Lodge to my life when I get home. I also look forward to continuing to improve the conditions of all my thoughts and repairing the damage I’ve caused to my family and friends. It is going to take a long time before they trust me again and believe that I’m really not going to slip up. I’ve made so many mistakes, I don’t blame them. I have been working through what I plan to do when I get home and I’m excited to put it into action. My case sup here at Sunshine Summit Lodge anticipates about another month before I graduate. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I have a lot of making up to do and changes to make in my life.

A Second Chance at a Fresh Start

My first drink was at the age of 11. My first time smoking pot was at the age of 15. Those I believe were the basis or springboard to me thinking from a very young age that drugs and alcohol weren’t that bad. Later on I became addicted to downers and cocaine, I attended Narconon in 2007. I fought the program for the first 6 weeks then slugged my way through the rest, just wanted to get home and forget I ever had a drug issue. I even lied at my graduation from Narconon Warner Springs, saying I never would use drugs again. I knew even before these words came out of my mouth that they were a lie. I stayed clean for about 2 years without ever applying the material I learned from Narconon; and then I started using again.

This time it was drugs to numb the feelings of not feeling good enough. I had Morphine, Oxy’s, and Heroin. Before I knew it I was seriously addicted wasting all the money I earned on heroin, pawning items that were gifts, stealing from my parents and more I can’t even remember. I woke up one morning and told my parents I needed help and they knew it. I suggested Narconon again, knowing the information I learned before, if applied would greatly prolong my survival. I never thought I would say this but Narconon saved my life twice now! This time I have vowed to myself not to take this chance for granted.
N. B.

Today is the Beginning of My Fresh Start

Today is my last full day at Narconon Fresh Start! This is the last time I will be here as a student and I feel the sincerity inside when I write this. I have messed up my life for the better part of 10 years and wasted time, money, effort, relationships, and even more because of using drugs. I kept putting off everything in life I have wanted to do because I allowed the drugs to control myself, but no more will this be the case.

I mocked this program the 1st time around. But, once I came back and cleansed my body of heroin I realized I was luckier than most in this world for a few reasons. I had been given a 2nd chance to get clean and have never overdosed. My parents loved me enough to pay for me to come back here, not only because I am their son, but because they still see potential in me;  a potential that drugs tried time and time again to take away.

I believe God was looking out for me and teaching me, along with the staff at Narconon that the greatest joys in life come from helping others and I believe that to be true! I can’t begin to express my gratitude to all the staff and students at Narconon Fresh Start. I was focused on getting clean and helping to improve my life and everyone helped me at some point through the program. I have finally learned that happiness is attainable without drugs. I feel with each day that the true me is coming back and it is good to see and feel like the person I was and can now honestly say that I am.