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Drug Rehab with a Homey Feel in a Professional Environment

Narconon Fresh Start treatment locations are part of what makes the difference. Their residential facilities provide clients with the comforts of home yet are professional and designed to address all parts of the recovery process. Newly arriving clients are made to feel at ease during their withdrawal process in a clam, private, therapeutic environment. Trained specialists supervise program participants during this critical period of recovery ensuring they receive special withdrawal therapies, nutritious meals, vitamin supplementation and plenty of rest.

Due to Narconon Fresh Start picturesque locations clients are able to indulge in a variety of outdoor actives year round. Routinely you will find program participants jogging, hiking, playing basketball etc. The serenity of feeling safe and removed from the temptations of life at home is one of the key features of enrolling in a long-term inpatient residential treatment program such as Narconon Fresh Start. When treatment is complete the client is able to return home completely rehabilitated and become part of their family and community once again. Some clients find that their time at Narconon Fresh Start facilities is so exceptional that they want to stay on and become part of their intern program; this option is one surefire way to continue the hard won efforts of sobriety the client has achieved.

Control Over My Sobriety

I have had lots of wins from objectives! This has given me a good piece of the puzzle that I was missing to unlock full control and sobriety in my life. Thank you!
V. B.

Narconon Fresh Start is long-term drug rehab program set in residential locations offering the most effective treatment methods available. We are not based on the 12-step model and do not believe that addiction is a “disease” one must learn to cope with for the remainder of their life. Here are Narconon Fresh Start we help our clients fully recover from their addiction problem and the underlying issues that drove them to use. When our clients graduate from our program they no longer refer to themselves as “addicts” or “alcoholics” because they have fully beat their addiction problem. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start do not attend meetings, do not take drug replacement medication, and do not have to worry about relapse with each passing day.

Fort Collins New Life Center Drug Rehabilitation Just East of the Rocky Mountains

The Fort Collins New Life Center drug rehab program is near Colorado State University and just east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The location of our long-term alcohol and drug rehabilitation center was chosen because it is situated in a secure residential environment. This residential neighborhood location offers an ideal building layout as well as security policies to ensure our client’s safety from outside temptations and the restimulative environments they have previously come from.

Our clients receive complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from their addiction problems in an environment that is free from unnecessary outside influences. The staff at Fort Collins New Life Center knows that recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks a person goes through in their lifetime. Therefore, the facility is fully equipped with all the amenities necessary to complete this arduous process. With many indoor and outdoor recreational activities for our client’s to participate in during their free-time there is no lack of enjoyment to be had on their down-time.

Fort Collins New Life Center has park-like grounds, plenty of fresh air and mountain views to promote the healthy changes taking place in our clients. There are many indoor and outdoor recreational areas for our clients to work on their program, dine, congregate, relax and exercise. We have TV rooms, fitness areas, lounge areas to play cards or games, billiards and ping-pong available inside for our clients after regular program hours. Outside, there are many fun options to pass the time such as horse shoes, volleyball, football and basketball.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation program takes up the vast majority of our client’s time while at the Fort Collins New Life Center. However, as you can see from above there are countless ways to enjoy one’s free-time when regular program hours are done for the day. Clients find success year in and year out here at our residential long-term treatment center because the Fort Collins New Life Center’s program is the most effective method of addiction recovery available.