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Give the Sauna Detox Program a Try

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryI would recommend everyone to give the sauna detoxification program a try. It has helped me feel alive, fresh, new and rejuvenated. My body feels stronger and healthier. I’m looking forward to continuing this type of detox throughout my life, incorporating it into my physical fitness and healthy lifestyle.
L. S.

The Many Ways the Sauna Program Changed My Life for the Better

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab sauna program has changed my life for the better; let me tell you about some of the ways:

  • My skin is softer
  • My nails are stronger
  • My mood is a lot mellower
  • I don’t stress hardly ever which is a miracle in itself!
  • My mind is much sharper
  • It taught me how to listen to others
  • It taught me how to act around others
  • I laugh a lot more and I’m much happier
  • I can deal with situations better
  • I can take my time rather than rushing things
  • I take the time to think before I react
  • I have learned to be patient
  • I understand what it means to keep going even if I wanted to quit
  • I have faith in myself now

The New Life Detoxification Program has given me a sense of wellbeing. I’m healthier and stronger (physically) from the exercising in the morning. Most importantly I have accomplished something, something positive and worthwhile for myself. This was a beautiful experience!
L. N.

My Personal Experience Going Through the New Life Detoxification Program

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryI think the Narconon Fresh Start detoxification program is helping me out physically and mentally. At first I thought it was a waste of time, but then after like day 9 everything seemed to be getting better for me. I’ve been sleeping better, not waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats. My body feels better physically…

… I am really noticing the difference the dry sauna is making to my health and body. I am for the most part sleeping better, I have more energy and overall I’m just feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally…

… Today was great! Another day in sauna and I feel that I’m really making progress. I spoke with my girlfriend yesterday and I realized that had to end things. I’m here to work on myself and to get sober so I can live a successful life. The things she is doing back at home will bring me down and affect my program and sobriety. That is why I ended it before it went too far. I’m very hurt, but so proud of what I did. It might have not been an easy decision, but I feel I made the right choice!…

… So yesterday after sauna I had a horrible injury “turn on” (re-stimulation) from hockey. It was an injury that dislocated my jaw and I had horrible pain. It lasted all night, but when I got into sauna today I stuck through it and was excited to get through another “turn on”. Sauna can do mysterious things while you are in and out of the box. I realized even getting through these “turn ons” are making me a stronger person in dealing with myself when in pain, anger etc. I feel these “turn ons” are good because you get through it yourself without having to use any drugs! Everyday gets better and I always look forward to the next day to see what is coming up next…

… Great day in sauna, it went very smoothly. I became physically able to do more without running out of breath. I really love the New Life Detoxification Program and how much it has changed me in such a short amount of time! Sauna is just amazing…

… I really enjoyed the body cleansing and purification process here at Narconon Fresh Start; it helped me deal with my anger a bit more. I got a lot out of it. I feel better; see things clear and also clearly. I had a list of good times in the “box” and a lot of times I wish I was never in. Overall, I really enjoyed my time in the New Life Detoxification program. It also helped me realize a lot of things that I did not want to see. I just wanted to thank everyone for putting up with me and all, thank you again…

… Yes! Sauna detox is over; I am so happy that I did the New Life Detoxification Program though. After doing sauna I was able to think straight and not dwell in the past. My drug dreams went away and I don’t even have thoughts of using anymore! Sauna has helped me feel so great about myself and the significant gains that I have gotten from this drug rehab program, thanks to all!