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True Recovery

What does it look like to truly be recovered from drug addiction or alcoholism? A person who is fully recovered from their addiction doesn’t need to take medication, doesn’t need to attend meetings and doesn’t refer to themselves as an addict any longer. They have conquered their physical addiction problem in addition to addressing the underlying issues that drove them to use in the first place. A person who is fully recovered from their substance dependence is able to stand on their own two feet and face life’s challenges, life’s ups and downs and tests to their sobriety without faltering.

Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehab program unlike other traditional rehabs. Graduates of their drug rehab centers do not go to meetings for the rest of their life, they do not take any drug replacement therapy and they do not think of themselves as addicts any longer. With an extremely high success rate for lasting sobriety their treatment programs are leaders in the field of helping addicted individuals put their substance use behind them and set out to create the drug-free life for themselves they have always envisioned.

Drug Rehab Programs

Drug rehabs programs provide the help addicted individuals need to end their dependence on drugs or alcohol. There are several reasons why a person would choose to enroll in a drug rehab program. They may not have enough motivation to quit in their home situation, they may not receive the support necessary to stop using from the people around them or they may have tried to quit on their own and have not be able to find lasting sobriety. Enrolling in a drug rehab program provides the recovering addict a drug and alcohol-free environment where they can focus on their recovery. Every drug rehab program has its own methods of treatment; but, in general much attention is given to the addicted individual themselves. There will likely be individual or group counseling to help the recovering individual uncover and address the areas of their life that sparked their urge to use drugs or alcohol.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects more than just the person who is abusing the substance. The toll substance abuse and addiction has on the user’s family, loved ones, friends and co-workers often goes unnoticed by the substance user. It is only after they have stopped using that they are able to clearly see the damage and heartbreak their self-destructive actions have caused. While the addicted person is receiving treatment at a drug rehab program it is important for those close to the recovering individual get help processing through their emotions and feelings about their loved one. They will also need guidance on how to structure their new sober relationship with their rehabilitated loved one. This benefits both the recovered person and the loved one because having clear rules and consequences and an open line of communication about what is happening day to day means that nothing gets “swept under the rug” and there will be no more “turning a blind eye”.

The ultimate goal of a drug rehab program is to enable the individual to achieve lasting sobriety; the short term goal of a drug rehab is to help the individual stop using the substances they are dependent on, uncover why the individual choose drug or alcohol use to solve their problems and teach them new healthy ways to handle stress and challenges that no longer involves using drugs or alcohol. Today, millions of addicted individuals have successfully recovered from drug addiction because they received the right help and information. Generally speaking, the more help an individual is given to conquer their drug addiction, the more successful their results will be. Additionally, research has shown that those who stay in a drug rehab center longer than 3 months have higher success rates in achieving lasting sobriety than those who stay a shorter amount of time.

Narconon Fresh Start operates a number of drug rehab programs that have some of the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery. Their programs are able to handle all types of drug addiction: heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs and alcohol. The success of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers comes from their unconventional treatment methods. They do not operate under the belief that addiction is a “disease” one has to live with for the rest of their life. Instead of telling their clients that they are powerless over a disease, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs builds up their client’s sense of self-worth and belief that they are responsible for their actions and choices. Through the course of the program clients become more like students learning invaluable life skills and addressing the underlying issues that drove them to drug abuse and addiction.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is complete from start to finish including a completely drug-free withdrawal phase, a total body purification and detoxification program, life skills courses, relapse prevention training and the development of a battle plan for when treatment is complete. When a program participant graduates from a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program they are no longer an addict, they do not think of themselves as an addict or alcoholic because they are fully rehabilitated. Graduates do not attend meetings to maintain their sobriety and they do not take drug therapy medications to ward of withdrawal symptoms. They stand on their own two feet, no longer controlled by any substance and able to put into practice all the new skills they have acquired while in rehab.

Clear headed and sober

These last few weeks I have been getting so many wins out of my program. The Narconon Fresh Start tech is truly amazing and so helpful in every situation in life. I’m learning to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around me, how to improve my learning skills, to be more aware of the present moment instead of dwelling on my past, how to handle the ups and downs in life, personal values and integrity, step by step formulas to improve my situation and balance my life, common sense guidelines to living a happy life and working on a battle plan for my future sobriety. It is so nice to be clear headed and sober. I am feeling better and better every day.
S. W.

Narconon Fresh Start’s Drug Rehabilitation Philosophy

Unlike other drug rehab programs who have their clients believing they suffer from the disease of addiction, Narconon Fresh Start programs know that addiction to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications (OTC) and alcohol is not a lifelong sentence and is not an incurable disease. Twelve-step based programs tell their clients that they are powerless and label them an addict or alcoholic insisting that they can only hope to manage their addiction problem by taking it one day at a time. We believe that this is not the case and have over 45 years of successful, fully rehabilitated clients who live a life of sobriety and do not think of themselves as addicts any longer. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs treat addiction to drugs and alcohol for what it truly is, a physical and mental problem that needs to overcome while addressing the underlying issues that drove the person to use in the first place. The program we use builds up our client’s self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to handle life as a sober individual. While going through the Narconon Fresh Start Program clients become more like students learning invaluable interpersonal skills such as effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, listening skills, problem solving, decision making, assertiveness as well as the ability to work well with others and as part of a team. We help people concur their addiction to drugs or alcohol once and for all using our complete treatment technology that goes beyond addressing merely the physical aspect of addiction. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs are completely rehabilitated and do not need drug replacement medication or to attend meetings to maintain their sobriety. Their addiction is behind them and they can begin the life they always wanted now that they are clean and sober armed with the life skills necessary to handle any problem that comes their way.

I’ve used all different kinds of drugs…

Since I was 16 I’ve abused all different kinds of drugs. I finally hit rock bottom and realized I need help. Sitting in withdrawal I learned a lot about myself in a short amount of time. I’m very grateful for this opportunity I’ve been given to have a second chance at living a sober love. I intend on taking full advantage of it!
S. D.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are able to help addicted persons suffering from various severities of addiction problems. Whether a person has just recently become dependent on a substance or has been mixed up in the drug using culture for some length of time the Narconon Fresh Start program will work for them. Their programs are designed to address the person’s physical addiction as well as work through the underlying problems that the person is struggling with. When both are resolved the program participant can return to their daily life knowing they have handled their addiction problem and is now a completely rehabilitated individual who is able to stand on their own two feet. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs don’t attend meetings and they don’t take drug replacement medications.