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Success stories from Narconon Fresh Start students and graduates about what they got out of the program.

Jamie Thanks Her Mother for Narconon Fresh Start

Jamie thanks her mom for getting her into the Narconon Fresh Start program to help her beat her meth addiction. Jamie has been living a successful, drug-free life since 2006.

Watch Jamie’s testimonial video.
Watch Debra’s testimonial video.

Video Transcript

Jamie: Thanks for never giving up on me. Thanks for being my momma.

Debra: I love you.

Jamie: I love you.


Jamie: Thanks. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me and not giving up.

Debra: You did hard work. You came back and I’m grateful forever.

Debra: Everyday that your child is addicted brings them closer to an untimely death and a bigger loss than anybody should ever risk. Narconon Fresh Start saved my daughter’s life and I’m grateful forever.

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Amazing Success Stories from Narconon Fresh Start

This Is a Great Stepping Stone for Me

Going through the body detoxification was an extreme win for me. Then doing objectives was an even greater win. Now I’m in course learning about myself and the social surrounding of personal lives that are a factor in everyday life. This is a great stepping stone for me in life and I know it will help me be a positive, productive citizen.


My Attitude has Improved Tremendously

Since I have been in objectives, my attitude has improved tremendously. I’ve learned how to have so much more patience and how to have so much more patience and how to work better with another person/others. Objectives is very repetitive and hard at times, but you just have to do it and push through. Life is full of things you aren’t going to want to do, but you have to … and objectives made me realize that.


My Craving for Marijuana has Subsided

So, I am much improved mentally. I do not still long for things such as my car, radio and Chinese food. My craving for marijuana has subsided. I realize if I use drugs in any form, I will not be the person that I want to become and I could be in danger of going to jail, coming back here or to another rehab or dying of an OD. I love living here. They have all been very nice and accepting of me. I have enjoyed objectives with Jamie and Chris (who has been very helpful.) You told me things would get easier once I got out of sauna and yes this has been true. Jake and Caitlin have helped me the most, talking me out of leaving several times, but I am committed to completing my program now.


My Family and I are Closer than Ever

The Narconon Fresh Start program has helped me so much! Working here is such a blessing. I can budget my money. I’m beginning to cook my own meals. I get plenty of sleep and my family and I are closer than ever.


Narconon Fresh Start Sauna Really Cleaned Out My System

Narconon Fresh Start sauna really cleaned out my system of toxins that I built up with drug abuse everyday. My skin and energy just kept getting better. The staff are the best as they are former students. Thanks so much.


I’m Looking Forward to Learning More

I’m ready to start the “Overcoming Ups and Downs In Life” course. I’m looking forward to learning more about this course as it seems interesting to me.


Focusing on a Sober Future

As of right now I’m going through a very difficult time in my life. My mother has terminal cancer and my brother and sister are being, well, not too cooperative. Even though I am having trouble concentrating, writing about all of my past alcohol and pot use made me realize I need to put the brakes on and focus on a sober future. Thank you.


I’m Excited to Have Moved on in My Program

I’m excited to have moved on in my program from the practical to the theory course room and I’m looking forward to getting a new better handle on the tools I need to be happy, successful and sober going forward in my life with the help of our awesome theory Supervisor. Yay!


I’m Learning How and Why I Operate

Throughout my time in theory I have been giving my OW’s a full confront. I have felt emotions I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m learning how and why I operate. I’m learning how to cope with the emotions in better ways. I’m excited to finish my OW’s and be able to say goodbye to the past.


Confident About Staying off Drugs

OW’s are going good. I’m feeling more confident about staying off of drugs as everyday goes by.


Future Planning

Upon working on my battle plans I have been given the opportunity to plan foe my treatment. It has been grounding to start realizing what my plans may be after my fresh start life. To plan ahead for my betterment and future.


I Intend to use Everything I’ve Learned to Maintain my Sobriety

Maintaining Sobriety After Narconon Fresh Start“I have learned so much in a few short weeks here at Narconon Fresh Start. I just completed a course here and I’ve gained so much out of it. I feel so better prepared to take on life. I understand what I am learning here and I intend to use everything I’ve learned in order to maintain my sobriety. I can already see a huge change in myself and how I perceive things. I’m looking forward to my future. It is my birthday today and for the first time in years I am sober!”

– N.L.

More Success Stories

I will Never Forget this Program and What it has Done for Me.

“I have never been to a program like this before. I wanted to come here, but I was a little bit nervous. After being helped with my drug and eating habits, I saw the program in a different light. I will never forget this program and what it has done for me. I will refer it to everyone I know. I had a good time actually. Doing the first part of the program was easier than I thought and much more rewarding. I will never forget the help, support and encouragement that I received here at Narconon fresh Start. Thank you.”
– J.H.

Narconon Fresh Start has Helped me Take Responsibility

“This program at Narconon Fresh Start has helped me take responsibility for my actions. I was destructive and irresponsible. I caused some serious damage to my wife and kids. I can make sure that those things do not happen again. I know what it means to be an ethical person and what happens if you are not. My inability to control myself led me to lose many things that I loved. At least now I can start fresh and make amends to the best of my ability. This program has given me this chance.”

– T.V.

Maturing in the Right Way

“Before I came to Narconon Fresh Start, I had the worst temper. I hated control; I hated authority. I even hated having people tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I know I couldn’t even control myself. The courses here are helping me learn how to control myself and to not freak out and explode when I get angry. Now, I try to communicate about what is bothering me before reacting. I’m watching myself mature in the right way and it feels great.!”

– K.J.

Fresh, Positive, Happy Outlook

Fresh Positive Happy OutlookI now have a great, fresh, happy, positive outlook. I have cut ties with the negative people and have a better understanding of who I want to be in my life. Narconon Fresh Start helped me learn how to go about working on myself and all the areas of my life. I have had a lot of buildup in my life throughout the years and was able to be upfront and honest with myself. I also learned how much I have been missing out on by being stuck in the past and am now expecting more out of my future. I know now how to make the most out of life and focus on the present so my future will be positive and drug-free. I realized how much I have affected people and myself when I thought everything was alright. I was so wrong as much as I hate to say it with all my complaining. I think I have gotten a lot out of this program. Looking around and seeing a bunch of strangers going through the most uncomfortable part of their lives and getting along and working together is something I will never forget. I am nervous, but very positive that I have the tools to achieve my goals and prosper in my life. I realize now how much work goes into the present time and how much energy I was using in the past. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start and all the staff for putting up with me and my bad attitude. I am so proud and happy I completed this program. I learned more than I thought I would.

– Christine R.

More Success Stories

Feeling More Comfortable

When I arrived at Narconon Fresh Start I felt like a fish out of water. About 2 or 3 days later I felt completely different about the situation. I had made several friends, learned the daily routine and felt comfortable. I am very lucky to have the roommates/friends that I have. I don’t even count the days.

– Michael T.

Having Self-Realizations

My success for the day is completing the Ups and Downs book, anti-social and social behavior. I continue to have realizations about myself and others as I go through this program. Right now I am on analyzing personalities in my life. I have completed them all up through the checkoff of adding up anti-social and social behaviors. I am about to go back and write down my thoughts about each person and his or her characteristics.

– Donna V.

Narconon Fresh Start Gave Me My Life Back

Narconon Fresh Start Gave Me My Life BackThroughout my program here at Narconon Fresh Start, there have been many ups and downs. Looking back at everything, I could not be more pleased with how much this place has given back to me. I came as a broken and lost individual. Narconon Fresh Start gave me my life back. I started out with my drug withdrawal stage which was tough, but luckily the staff helped me through the hard times. With the completion of the sauna drug detox program, I legitimately got a Fresh Start. I could sleep again, eat, have normal bodily functions and most importantly smile again. I was ready and able to work on my mind when I got into the training drills. I started to see the essential life skills being taught. Objectives helped me to be comfortable again and gain control. I learned communication and how to be present and became more aware and I realized how important these skills are. I liked sauna the most for my body and the life skills helped my mind the most. I used to have trouble with dwelling on the past. Narconon Fresh Start helped me overcome that weakness. I am grateful that I was able to learn about the social and anti-social personalities, and how to get over past transgressions in a structured way and acknowledge the different conditions of my life along with how to improve the different areas of my life. I owe Narconon Fresh Start and the staff and all the friendly faces I met along the way a big thanks. I would still be lost without the help of this place. I am forever grateful to Narconon Fresh Start for giving me my life back.

– Blake

More Success Stories

Finally Clean and Healthy

I can think clearly and my body is finally clean and healthy. The people and staff around me have helped me so much. I can’t thank everybody enough for all the support. I’ve gained a lot from this program. Their is not enough words in the vocabulary to explain. Thank you staff.

– Tory

Giving Me Patience

I am glad that I came to Narconon Fresh Start. I needed the extra help to get me sober. It also helped me in ways I didn’t think about before. It brought me to present time and gave me the patience to do the tasks asked of me. At first I didn’t think confronting the things in my past would help me, but after doing it I felt better and could accept what I have done.

– Darrel