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Texas Drug Addiction Recovery

Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch is located in Harlingen, TX near the picturesque beaches of the Texas Gulf Coast. It is bordered by lush farmland, providing a tranquil setting for recovery. The Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab program is part of Narconon Fresh Start’s team of long-term, residential treatment centers.

Program participants are supervised and have access to staff members around the clock to ensure that their needs are meet. The length of the program varies for each individual because it is determined by their successful completion of the Narconon Fresh Start program steps, rather than a set time period. Generally speaking, most program participants graduate within three to four months.

To maximize the gains made during the program participant’s time in treatment the soon-to-be graduate reviews each step of their program with their case supervisor. They go over the application of their newly acquired life skills and must demonstrate that they fully comprehend each part of the program. The thoroughness of this final program review ensures that graduates of the Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab program return home and become productive drug and alcohol free members of their families and communities.

Running the streets gets you nowhere

First, I would like to thank the Narconon Fresh Start staff at Lone Star Victory Ranch for letting me come here to complete my program. When I got here I was a hot mess; I had probably only slept 10 hours out of the whole month. The New Life Detoxification sauna program has helped out a lot. PCP and meth have been destroying my life and family for a long time. It’s been a hard fight and I am winning now. I feel real good about what I have gotten out of this program and I feel confident on applying it to my new life. This place saved my life and my relationship with my family. I came to realize that selling drugs and running the streets gets you nowhere. This was a long journey and a hard one at that, I would like to thank John course sup Phil, a good friend Danielle (my little homie) and Lindsay for helping me. I also want to thank Marco and Joseph and Adam for getting me here. Thank you South Texas it has been really nice. I will never forget the people that helped save my life! Proper preparation prevents poor performance, Easzzy!
J. S.

Realizing You’re an Addict

Some people are able to use drugs or alcohol recreationally, meaning that they do no experience negative consequences due to their substance use or develop an addiction problem. On the other hand, there are a large number of individuals who find that their substance use has escalated to the point where it causes them problems at work, home, school and in their relationships. What was once a fun or stress relieving activity has now left them feeling helpless, isolated and ashamed.

For the addicted person, it sometimes seems that it’s as if you wake up one morning and suddenly realize you’re an addict. When this realization hits home and you finally grasp what it means to be so dependent on a substance that you have lost nearly everything you previously valued, it can feel overwhelming. If you personally have developed an addiction problem or if someone you care about struggles with addiction it is important that you know there is help available.

Narconon Fresh Start has several drug rehab programs available to help you or the person you care about find a permanent solution to ending addiction. Their drug rehab programs are located in a variety of settings and provide clients with the seclusion and safety they need while they rehabilitate and recover. With centers in Colorado, Texas, Nevada and California there is sure to be a drug rehab treatment location that meets you or your loved one’s specific needs.

Meet Narconon Fresh Start’s Drug Rehab Centers:

Sunshine Summit Lodge was formerly an executive retreat. Its open spaces, beautiful scenery and fresh country air provides program participants with a healthy change of environment. Located in the picturesque hills of Northern San Diego, this drug rehab center is a safe sanctuary to focus on one’s recovery.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is one of Narconon Fresh Start centers and is located near Caliente, Nevada. This facility rests on 320 acres and was formerly a dude ranch. Made up of several buildings on the property, the main log cabin style house sits on active cattle and horse grazing land giving the center a country ranch feel. With the closest city 160 miles away, this country retreat is the ideal setting to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Fort Collins New Life Center is located just east of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. This drug rehab facility provides clients with an accommodating, yet secure residential treatment environment to address their addiction problem. With park-like grounds, mountain views and fresh air – the process of recovering from addiction is made much more amiable.

Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas rests in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley. This drug rehab program is surrounded by lush farmland and provides recovering clients the peace and quiet necessary during their recovery. Situated on 17 lush acres, this drug rehab center is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape. Program participants find Lone Star Victory Ranch welcoming and homey with the ability to take walks or jogs around the lovely fountain and pond or go fishing in the little river that borders the property.

When you or your loved one is ready for help, Narconon Fresh Start intake counselors will are here to assist you in locating a drug rehab program ideal for your personal recovery needs. Each of their treatment centers operates under the same rehabilitation philosophy and treatment methods ensuring that no matter which program you attend you will receive the best quality care available.

What sets Narconon Fresh Start programs apart from other treatment centers is their rehabilitation philosophy. It is not based on the disease model of addiction that dictates a person with an addiction problem will always be an addict with an incurable disease; a disease they cannot ever overcome but only hope to learn to cope with for the rest of their lives. Instead, Narconon Fresh Start uses an education rehabilitation philosophy based on locating, confronting and resolving the root causes of their program participant’s addiction problem and the numerous behaviors associated with it as well.

While clients enter Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs as addicts or alcoholics, they soon become students learning the important educational life skills and tools necessary to become truly rehabilitated. When they graduate from the program they no longer use the labels of addict or alcoholic because they have fully recovered from their addiction problem.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers provide their clients with much more than just helping them get off the addictive substances they are dependent on. These treatment programs teach clients about themselves: why they act and react the way they do, why they choose drug or alcohol use to solve their issues, how to take control over themselves and their environment as well as how to prevent future relapse when they return home. Program graduates learn valuable life skills that benefit them throughout their lives. They strengthen their able to confront difficult or stressful situations without resorting to substance use, they develop effective communication skills, they learn how to stay in the moment instead of sinking back into past thoughts or behaviors and they receive ethics training to help them become a more honorable and moral version of themselves.

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Some Say Drug Rehab Doesn’t Work…We Know it Does!

There are a lot of people who feel that drug rehabs are not effective at helping addicted individuals recover. These misconceptions are fuelled by the fact that while some people are able to achieve sobriety the first time they enroll in treatment, a good number of addicted persons will need to go through a few different programs utilizing differing recovery techniques until they find the one that best fits their personal recovery needs.

Current research into drug rehab programs reveals that completing a drug rehab program reduces drug use by forty to sixty percent and dramatically decreases criminal activity during and after treatment is complete. These studies have also found that participation in a drug rehab program reduces the risk of infectious diseases (Hepatitis C and HIV) among intravenous drug users. Additionally, I.V. drug users who enter drug rehab and remain in the program are shown to be six times less likely to become infected with HIV. Lastly, across the board, persons who enter and complete drug rehab are up to forty percent more likely to get and keep a job than their drug using counterparts who do not receive treatment.

As one of the most successful drug rehab programs in the country, Narconon Fresh Start understands how important receiving treatment for one’s addiction problem is. Their treatment centers are located across the Western United States and provide ideal locations that are as picturesque as they are practical. Their drug rehab centers reside in Colorado at the Fort Collins New Life Center, Texas at the Lone Star Victory Ranch, in Nevada at the Rainbow Canyon Retreat and in Southern California at the Sunshine Summit Lodge.

Each Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab center provides clients with a safe sanctuary from the temptations and restimulative environments that they have previously been influenced by. While enrolled in drug rehab, program participates work on addressing the real causes of their addiction issues. The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab treatment philosophy is not based on the disease model of addiction which dictates that a person with an addiction problem will always be an addict. The educational rehabilitation philosophy that Narconon Fresh Start uses is based on locating, confronting and resolving the many causes of the addiction and the behaviors associated with it. Their program’s techniques have over forty-five years of successful results and a seventy-six percent rate at accomplishing true rehabilitation.

Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program are completely rehabilitated when they return home. They have fully detoxified their body leaving them drug-free and without physical cravings for any substance. During their time in treatment they have uncovered the issues that drove them to substance use and successfully resolved them. The educational rehabilitation philosophy used by all Narconon Fresh Start programs teaches clients the necessary life skills to make wise choices in their life and become a productive human being. They will be able to reconnect with their families, work place and communities as a happy, healthy individual who is able to contribute to the greater good of those around them. Lastly, the recovered individual no longer thinks of themselves as an addict or alcohol because they have been fully rehabilitated; they now take personal responsibility for their actions and the choices they make in their life.

Addiction Recovery: Drug Rehab is a Not Always a One Shot Deal

Like many other chronic health issues, drug addiction rehabilitation can take several attempts before finding the right treatment and having lasting success. While some people are able to end their addiction by going “cold turkey” or after their first time to drug rehab, there are many people who need more than one time in treatment to find lasting sobriety. For these individuals, multiple  enrollments in drug rehab is not a sign of weakness or inability to achieve recovery; instead, their need to go through different treatment programs implies that they did not receive enough treatment initially, or, that the program they attended didn’t address all of their issues. This left the client with unresolved underlying issues, making them more susceptible to relapse.

For the majority of addicted people, long-term inpatient drug rehabilitation is needed to put an end to their addiction problems. However, most addicted people choose outpatient or short-term programs because they are more economical and take less time out of their life. While outpatient drug rehab programs and short-term treatment has a place in the field of recovery, they are not ideal solutions for long-term and/or heavily addicted individuals. A person who has been struggling with an addiction problem for some time needs a while to fully withdraw from the substance(s) they are dependent on, time to uncover the underlying issues that drove them to use and time to develop new ways of handling life and daily stress without turning to drugs or alcohol. The process of withdrawal can last several days to over a week and must be completed before the individual is ready to address the personal issues that drove them to use. It takes time for the recovering person to learn, practice and perfect their new life skills; making long-term drug rehab programs an ideal solution.

Narconon Fresh Start has several different long-term residential drug rehab programs to help addicted individuals recover. There is Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado where clients can receive treatment while being surrounded by picturesque views, nearby parks, rivers and wide open spaces. This Colorado drug rehab is spacious, modern and offers a wide array of recreational activities during the program participant’s free-time.

Lone Star Victory Ranch is another of Narconon Fresh Start’s drug rehab centers located in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley. Situated about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico this drug rehab program is surrounded by lush farmland and provides clients with a peaceful sanctuary away from their previous drug using culture.

Located in Nevada, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is an oasis away from client’s previous routines and environment. This program’s main structure is the spacious redwood lodge where program participants gather to dine, relax and share time together. Nestled on 320 beautiful acres, this drug rehab center provides client with plenty of room and lots of healthy ways to spend their free-time when not actively working on their program. Clients enjoy basketball, volleyball, baseball, horse shoes, billiards, ping pong and movies. Home to a professional kitchen, wonderful chefs prepare delicious meals daily for staff and program participants.

If looking for a drug rehab program in California there is none better than Sunshine Summit Lodge. Located near the well-known Warner Hot Springs, this drug rehab is tucked back in the majestic hills of Northern San Diego County. Previously, this facility was an executive retreat but it is now home to one of the most successful drug rehab programs in the country. With a somewhat rural setting, clients are able to focus their energy on their recovery and leave their past behind them. Program participants find the rural setting, wide open spaces, fresh air and panoramic views a welcome change.

As long-term inpatient programs, all of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are able to help their program participants find lasting sobriety though their non-traditional rehabilitation methods. Using a cognitive behavioral modification method and their New Life Detoxification Program these treatment centers are able to end addiction once and for all. Unlike 12-step treatment methods where clients are told they are suffering with an incurable disease they can only hope to learn to live with, Narconon Fresh Start clients are built up with improved self-esteem and the knowledge that they can take control over their addiction.

Through the course of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program clients become students learning valuable life skills, integrity and a common sense moral code that when followed will put them on the road to happiness. Students address both the physical emotional aspects of their addiction and resolve the underlying issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. Once they have are nearing graduation the student will work closely with their course and case supervisors to develop a battle plan for their future. Their battle plan is a step by step blueprint that contains data that the student has learned on the program to give them the maximum potential for success after completing the program.

The positive results graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs experience speaks volumes about the programs ability to help even the most severely addicted individuals regain their life back.  Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs no longer refer to themselves as addicts, are not required to attend meetings and are strengthened by the knowledge that that have received during their time in treatment. They have learned so much more than just how to stop using drugs or alcohol; they now have the ability to communicate effectively, to be comfortable with themselves, to control themselves, to be honest, to be responsible for themselves and their actions, to choose friends who will keep them healthy and sober and to confront and overcome problems no matter how difficult without turning to drugs or alcohol as a solution.