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Drugs are Just a Temporary Solution

Drugs and alcohol are just a temporary solution to unwanted feelings. When a person abuses a substance they are looking to change how they feel and/or their immediate perceptions. However, when the drugs or alcohol wear off the user is back where they started, or worse. They may now be suffering a hangover, depletion of serotonin or physical harm due to the poisonous nature of the substance they ingested.

If this scenario sounds like something you or a loved one has been struggling with there is a solution. Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab can help put an end to your drug addiction, teach you how to cope with life’s challenges without resorting to substance use and give you the chance to thrive in a new, drug-free life. Their high success rate is backed by years of being a leader in the field of addiction recovery and their six month guarantee.

Codependency and Addiction Recovery

As a parent, family member, loved one or close friend it can be so hard to watch the person you care about struggling with their addiction issues. When codependency becomes part of the relationship equation it often delays getting the necessary treatment the addict needs to get off drugs and take control of their life. A codependent relationship is often difficult for those who are participating in to fully grasp because it is quite simply normal behavior taken to extremes. A mother who wants to help her son, a wife who wants to shield her husband from the consequences of his drinking or a friend who thinks she can help her best friend without bringing anyone else into the situation.

The problem lies in the fact that after these loved ones continually try to go it alone and rescue their loved ones from their self-imposed problems without success they repeat these ineffective actions day in and day out, year after year. The addict learns that this loved one will ALWAYS be there for them, will ALWAYS be there to bail them out of trouble so it really doesn’t matter what they do because they have a built in safety net. This becomes a negative cycle that plays out over and over again if help is not sought and both people learn how to effectively address the underlying issues.

Narconon Fresh Start programs like Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab helps the addicted individual and their loved ones better understand the cycle of addiction. During their time in treatment clients address the issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol as well as effective ways to handle such issues when they return home. Program participants learn what it means to take responsibility for oneself and incorporate this sense of personal accountability into their moral code. This process changes the dynamic of the codependent relationship leaving the recovered person stronger than before and able to handle their life without leaning on their loved ones to get them out of daily challenges.

You Don’t Have To Hit Rock Bottom

As an addict, how do you know when you’ve hit your personal rock bottom? I remember being so deep in my addiction that I was doing things I can’t even begin to write about today. I could explain away all of my actions and behavior on anything else besides the fact that I was an addict. My health was deteriorating day by day, my car was repossessed, I lost my job the week before and I was sleeping on the floor at my friend’s parents’ house because I had nowhere else to go. All of these life changes were a result of my drug use. However, I truly thought at the time it was my parent’s fault I had nowhere to stay, my bosses fault for firing me and the stupid banks fault that I had no money and was living hand to mouth.

For me, that was my personal rock bottom but for others that wouldn’t even scratch the surface. I know of addicts who live on the streets for years; addicts who have stolen from their family, friends and strangers to feed their addiction. I know many addicts who have ended up in jail not just one time; many, many times and still they don’t realize the problems they continue to create for themselves.

My point is this, if you (or your loved one) is waiting for “rock bottom” and thinking that you are doing just fine getting by with what you have, think closely about it again. When was the last time you truly felt happy? When did you last feel healthy and able to take on life’s challenges without resorting to getting high or drunk before or after? Hitting your rock bottom really isn’t necessary to begin the process of changing your life and getting off drugs or alcohol. Reaching your personal “rock bottom” only means that you have that much farther to come up the ladder before you begin to get the life you deserve to be living back.

Narconon Fresh Start programs such as the Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab can help you get your life back on track. They have helped numerous addicts from all walks of life and suffering with all types of dependence problems learn how to completely get off the substances they are dependent on and learn to live a happy and purpose driven life. Graduates from their program are some of the happiest and most successful people you will ever meet because they have discovered what true addiction rehabilitation feels like. They do not have to attend meetings and they do not take any drug substitution medications to maintain their sobriety. They have learned all tools and skills they need to stay sober when they complete the program and return home.

Focused on Complete Addiction Rehabilitation

Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch is a drug rehab program focused on the individual’s physical, mental and emotional recovery from substance abuse. We know that this process is likely one of the most difficult challenges our clients will go through in their lifetime. While recovering from addiction is challenging, the ultimate result is so rewarding and life changing the struggles one goes through are always worth the time it takes to achieve them.

Because our program is a long-term approach to complete drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation we have chosen a beautiful and serene location. Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch resides in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley just thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico and is surrounded by lush farmland. Our facility rests on 17 beautiful acres and is an ideal sanctuary for those looking to get away from the hectic and often dangerous metropolitan areas where drugs and alcohol are prevalent.

Clients of the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab have many positive things to share:

“The staff here made my family and I feel welcome from the moment we arrived. I worked closely with the intake counselor who walked me through my orientation and was able to answer my questions as I had them. After being here just over a month I feel a lot of positive changes in myself and can’t wait to see how I will feel in another month, 6 months and year!”

“I graduated from Lonestar Victory Ranch a while back and still keep in contact with my case sup and other staff members I befriended while I was there. I know that they really do care about me and my wellbeing. This is a feeling I never had at any other program I went through before. I’m happy to share that I have six months of sobriety and I’m back in college. Also, thanks to all the training on how to study and learn new info while in rehab I’m doing better than ever in my classes!”

“Before I got hooked on taking prescription pain medication I was a really active person. I loved running and playing tennis. My addiction changed my priorities and I stopped being physical all together. While exercising for the sauna I rediscovered my passion for running and now feel more in shape than I have in years! Lonestar Victory Ranch did more than get me off prescription pills; it helped me become the woman I want to be. Thank you!”

Addressing the Physical Issues Created by a Person’s Addiction Problem

Addiction to alcohol and drugs often leads the addict to not take care of themselves as they should. High priority items to the rest of us (eating healthy meals on a regular basses, regular grooming, going to the doctor when ill, etc.) become just an afterthought when a person is deep in their addictive ways. This is why when clients enroll in the Lonestar Victory Ranch program they receive a complete physical evaluation before they begin the Narconon Fresh Start recovery process. Clients will have lab tests run to check their blood count, blood sugar, liver function, kidney function, etc. The attending physician will instruct our staff on any medical conditions that become known through the course of these tests and proper action will be taken straightaway.

Because virtually everyone who enters treatment has some form of sickness related to their addiction issues (nutritional depletion, anemia, etc.) a regimen of necessary vitamin and mineral supplements are provided. Lonestar Victory Ranch clients often begin to feel remarkably better once they begin taking their supplements. This is because doing so address the nutritional depletion their body has been suffering through by finally providing it the healthy resources it needs.