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More Information about Our Drug Rehab

When looking for more information about drug rehabilitation the wealth of info on the internet can become overwhelming; it has been estimated that there are over 14,500 specialized drug rehab centers in the United States alone. Because drug addiction and alcoholism are complex issues that involve nearly all aspects of the person’s life the treatment they receive must address more than just the physical nature of the problem. Finding the underlying issues that drove the person to use, abuse and become addicted is what is going to help them remain drug free in the long run. Without identifying their underlying issues, the recovering person is likely to leave treatment and pick up right back where they left off because they have not truly fixed the fundamental issues behind their addiction.

Narconon Fresh Start has several programs across the western part of the country that address drug and alcohol addiction for what it really is; a physical and mental problem that has to be overcome with underlying issues that need to be resolved. Our treatment is true rehabilitation that builds you up and shows you that you are powerful, not powerless. All of our program locations are able to handle every type of drug and alcohol addiction problem: heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs, synthetic drugs, opiates, inhalants, the list goes on and on. What sets our drug rehab apart from other treatment centers is that we are a complete drug rehabilitation program that does not use drug substitution therapy or group therapy.

Drug substitution therapy means having a client come off the drug they are addicted to only to put them on one or multiple drugs to control their mood, sleep, anxiety level, energy level, etc. In effect the client is simply switching from their drug of choice to prescription drugs that work to control them as they were previously controlled by their addiction. We have our clients come of the substances they are addicted to either using medically supervised withdrawal programs or they are supervised by our withdrawal specialists; when the program participant is completely drug-free they are ready to begin the Narconon Fresh Start program. A program participant who works through the Narconon Fresh Start program learns to handle life without resorting to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems.

Narconon Fresh Start Helps You Build the Life You Want to Live

Narconon Fresh Start programs teach their clients how to permanently get off drugs and alcohol. While other rehab programs and mental health centers promote that addiction is a disease that must be treated with additional drugs, counseling and a lifetime of meetings Narconon approaches recovery differently. They are one of the only agencies in the mental health industry that openly upholds the concept that drug addiction and alcoholism are NOT diseases.

Of course, if a person has taken drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time they are going to experience challenges to getting sober such as withdrawal symptoms, cravings and emotional turmoil. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are able to help their clients get through these challenges and build the life they truly want to be living. Their graduates become the wonderful son or daughter, the amazing parent, the hard working employee and valuable member of the community. These life changes happen in just three to four months and last a LIFETIME!

When a person completes the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and returns home their time focusing on their recovery is done, over and finished. Other treatment methods tell you that you have to continue to attend their meetings, speak to sponsors and have little to no power or control over yourself. Narconon Fresh Start tells their clients that once they complete their treatment program they are entirely rehabilitated and no longer an addict.

I am Not an Addict any Longer

For those who have tried other drug rehab programs and found that you still struggle with your sobriety it is time to attend a different type of program, Fort Collins New Life Center. This drug rehab is unlike other programs you have been through or heard of because they will not let you be the victim of your addiction. They do not operate under the belief that addiction and alcoholism is a disease that can only hope to be treated and coped with. Their process is one where clients enter as addicts and through their drug-free withdrawal process, total body detoxification and life skills courses leave completely rehabilitated. They are no longer an addict nor do they have to fear relapse around every corner. The Fort Collins New Life Center program works to not only get their clients off drugs or alcohol, it improves their life and creates lasting and permanent changes in the recovered individual. A graduate of the Fort Collins New Life Center has all the tools, skills and education within themselves to maintain their sobriety and live a successful and productive life free of drugs and alcohol.

As a graduate of Fort Collins New Life Center I know how amazing the program is! I entered the program at the lowest point in my life. I had no job, no money and was sleeping on friends couches just to get by. Each day brought me closer to just wanting to end it all. After four months of intensive drug rehab at Fort Collins New Life Center I am no longer an addict. I have built myself up and have more self-esteem than I ever did before. I know the secret to lasting sobriety, taking responsibility for myself and the choices I make. Thank you to all the staff who helped me get sober. God bless.

We Treat Addiction For What It Really Is

Have you been told that your addiction problem is a disease? Maybe you’ve heard that you are “powerless” over your addiction and that you can only hope to cope with it “one day at a time”. At Sunshine Summit Lodge, we know that you do NOT have a disease that you are powerless over. Our program is very different from twelve-step based treatment programs where they label their clients as life-long addicts and insist that they have an incurable disease. We actually treat drug and alcohol addiction for what it really is; a physical and mental problem that has developed over time and must be overcome. While our client’s physical and mental issues are being resolved we concurrently address and resolve the underlying issues which drove them to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. Graduates of Sunshine Summit Lodge experience true addiction rehabilitation by becoming stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

Narconon Fresh Start True Drug Rehabilitation Not Drug Substitution

What is more rewarding in life than to have figured out how have a great life and helping other to do the same. I have been so blessed for the past 36 years to witness the miracles that happen at Narconon, Sunshine Summit Lodge and Narconon Fresh Start. Parents that have not smiled in a long time because their child seems to be dying right in front of them and they feel helpless to remedy the situation. Parents that are afraid to pick up the phone because of what the news might be on the other end of the line. Parents that have not had a good night sleep in years. A Narconon staff member wake up everyday on a mission to bring happiness back to families.
Yes, helping people hooked on drugs the Narconon way is hard work. Most programs drug their clients with psychiatric drugs which might make the person subdued and easy to control but it still using drugs to mask the real problem or problems so the treatment center gets paid for drugging the person but the person goes right back to using drugs in short order. What a racket, a racket that rarely gets a positive result other than a nice bank account for the proprietors.
A livingness problem like, being shy, being anxious, marital problems, problems in school, fear of change. All of these normal things that go with living must be faced up to if we are to have a happy successful life. Mind Altering Drugs whether they are illegal and in particular psychiatric drugs stop us from confronting and overcoming the obstacles that we must handle to truly achieve our goals and dreams. After all what more is there to being happy in life than having dreams and reaching them. What I tell you I learned at Narconon after every other place I went to drugged me so that I was an obedient customer, and collect a small fortune from my family.
I applaud all of the honest, amazing people that work at Narconon for swimming up stream to help people truly confront their problems and solve them without drugs so that they can bring into view a new life with dreams and the ability to reach them without drugs because of what they learned at Narconon.

I have 2 sisters one brother also that owe the wonderful lives that they have to God, My Mom and Dad and Narconon.


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