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Narconon Fresh Start Drug Withdrawal Success Stories

Drug withdrawal is difficult and painful for many addicts coming off drugs. But Narconon Fresh Start uses a drug-free, natural and holistic drug withdrawal method that helps individuals get off drugs as painlessly and comfortably as possible.

Taking Mind off Withdrawal Symptoms

Taking Mind off Withdrawal Symptoms

During my time in withdrawal I learned how to focus my mind on other things rather than my withdrawal symptoms. I got my appetite back as well as a sleeping pattern. It was great to be on some sort of schedule that way I felt ready to start my program.

– AG

More Narconon Fresh Start Drug Withdrawal Success Stories

Figuring out Steps in Life

It was really good to clear my head and figure out my next steps in life! Everyone that helped me in withdrawal, I appreciate it!

– CB

Learning Values

My time in withdrawal I learned three essential values that I will continue to use. I learned to be aware of my surroundings. I learned to follow instructions. Lastly, I learned the value of being patient. These things will guide me through the rest of my program and help me to accomplish more goals in the future.

– AO

Amazing Withdrawal

My experience from withdrawal was amazing. Everyone made it calm and peaceful. I enjoyed going for walks and going to the beach everyday was amazing! The food was delicious. The staff were wonderful. They all helped me in a different way and I would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work.

– MS

Controlling Anxiety

My withdrawal experience was a very good one. I was able to learn to control my anxiety by the time I was finished. My sleep got a lot better and I was able to get my appetite back. The staff was great with with getting us out on walks and took us for trips to the beach a lot.

– NA

A New Start in Life

Prior to arriving to Narconon Fresh Start, I had been alone and isolating myself from the rest of society for three years. I was doing drugs and like many others, I was stuck without any answers or outlook for my future. Withdrawal was certainly a positive change which is what I needed for a new start in Life. Thank you.

– CM

Drug-Free Withdrawal: Finally Getting Clean Once and For All

Many times an addicted person who truly wants to get off the substances they are dependent on continues to abuse them because they are unable to handle the myriad of withdrawal symptoms that will come in when they stop using. Depending on the substances that are being abused the recovering person’s physical withdrawal symptoms may range from anxiety, lack of appetite, and nausea to extreme body aches and pains. The psychological withdrawal symptoms can also be overwhelming for many going through this process. These may range from psychological fear of coming off the drugs, depression and anxiety to more severe mental health issues such as thoughts of suicide. Just the thought of these physical and emotional symptoms can derail even the most determined individual from stopping their drug or alcohol use.

The Narconon Fresh Start’s network of drug rehab programs use an entirely drug-free approach to drug and alcohol withdrawal. With a variety of treatment locations including Colorado, Texas, Nevada and Southern California clients enrolled at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs receive the drug-free withdrawal and the most effective addiction rehabilitation treatment no matter where they choose to attend rehab. Using Narconon Fresh Start’s safe, nutrition-based approach to ending drug and alcohol addiction (providing the client is medically cleared for treatment) the program participant is able to fully come off the substances they have been dependent on for so long. In other drug rehab programs when a client is going through withdrawal or experiencing problems related to the drugs they have been addicted to the doctor on staff will prescribe them a substitute medication to help with their withdrawal symptoms. The client eventually becomes dependent on the new medication they have been prescribed and their withdrawal process begins again. Take methadone for example; methadone stops heroin’s withdrawal symptoms yet the withdrawal symptoms from methadone are several times worse than what heroin withdrawal symptoms actually are. Narconon Fresh Start believes that only by actually getting off all drugs* can the program participant begin the rehabilitation process and truly end their addiction. *This does not include essential prescription drugs i.e. blood pressure medication, insulin, etc. drugs that are not permitted include addictive medications such as painkillers.

The highly skilled staff members at all Narconon Fresh Start centers have several tools at their disposal to help clients through the difficult process of drug and alcohol withdrawal. The first tool is helping the client take in proper nutrition. When a person is abusing drugs they usually put eating healthy and getting enough sleep at the bottom of their priority list. Science has shown that many of a recovering addict’s withdrawal symptoms are actually symptoms of vitamin deficiencies. All program participants going through withdrawal is provided with a substantial yet safe dose of high-quality nutritional supplements.  Because key vitamins and minerals are depleted because of one’s substance use the nutritional treatment Narconon Fresh Start utilizes works to significantly reduce even the most severe withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, there are several gentle re-orientation exercises Narconon Fresh Start staff use which work to reduce the program participant’s anxiety and increase their objectivity drug withdrawal. To help calm the client’s body and reduce muscle spasms and crams physical assists are also utilized.  Going through withdrawal by oneself is usually a painful and emotionally draining process. Narconon Fresh Start’s tight knit group of drug rehab programs has had phenomenal success at helping addicted persons get through drug-free withdrawal with only minimal pain and discomfort creating a much smoother transition into the rest of their rehabilitation program.

I can see that this program is helping

I do feel I’m making gains in my program. I know I have more work to do but I can see that this is helping.
R. H.

The initial stages of any drug rehab are going to be difficult and often the most challenging. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers anticipate this and strive to help their newly enrolled clients in every way possible. Their staff are available around the clock and trained in making the transition into recovery as smooth as possible. With effective skills and proven techniques they are able to get even the most resistant and determined individual to remain in treatment until the “worst” of their withdrawal and detoxification symptoms have subsided.

Drug-Free Withdrawal

When I came here I didn’t really think I would learn much from this part of the program (drug-free withdrawal) because I had gone through most of my withdrawals right before the program. I then realized that I was dwelling in my past bad experience rather than thinking of all the good things around me. Now, I am a lot more positive. I also realized that the drug I was doing was pulling me off course and that I can’t get back on track until I let the drugs go.
J. P.

Feeling a Thousand Times Better

Well I come into this program not really sure what to expect. Now I have completed my withdrawal and book 1. I am feeling a thousand times better and am full of energy again. The first week in withdrawal was hard and tiresome. Once I got into book 1 I learned about the program and started to get comfortable with my surroundings. Now I am about to face the sauna. I am excited and can’t wait for sauna, life is good. I am glad I made it to this program for if not I might not be in a place where I feel well. In fact I know I would not be in any place or peace of mind like I am.
B. D.

The Fort Collins New Life Center helps drug addicts and alcoholics find the peace and inner strength to stop using and learn to live a life of sobriety. Through their series of specialized courses clients learn valuable life lessons that may have eluded them before their enrollment in treatment. These life skill courses educate and prepare the program participant for the day-to-day challenges they will face when they leave drug rehab.