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Josh Beat a Meth Addiction

Josh talks about how he started smoking marijuana at 16 and even tried LSD and started drinking. This led him to lose interest in school and to go to fewer and fewer family activities. He quit caring about what direction his life was going in and he started using methamphetamine. He described his self as having one foot in the grave and one foot in the penitentiary and not having any responsibility. Josh said that the highlight of his program here at Narconon Fresh Start was gaining life skills that he didn’t have, communication, confronting, helping people out. He also said that he gained a higher level of responsibility for his actions and an awareness of what is going on around him as well as an increase in ethical value. Josh stated that everything that he learned here will help him continue to live drug-free and that he wants to live drug-free. He learned that he is really a happy person and that sobriety can be fun and good without drugs or alcohol. “Narconon Fresh Start gave me my life back.” – Josh

Getting Off Methamphetamine

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Megan Overcame Her Meth Addiction

Megan was into sports and had a good childhood. She was 13 years old when she started using alcohol and marijuana which led to other drugs. She started using heroin and painkillers and meth when she got to college. She knew meth was becoming a problem because she wasn’t showing up to work on time and she started stealing things from stores to sell so that she could support her habit. Her sister found out that she was using drugs and arranged a drug intervention to help get Megan into Narconon Fresh Start. After coming to Narconon Fresh Start, she started to feel good about herself and was able to look at herself in the mirror. She felt free and felt like herself again. Megan has been clean since 2014.

Overcoming a Meth Addiction

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Jamie Overcame Methamphetamine and Psychiatric Medications

Jamie had a nice childhood growing up, but then she started smoking weed with a boyfriend and then one thing led to another. She dropped out of high school and was smoking weed, drinking and using cocaine almost on a daily basis. She quit using when she found out that she was pregnant, but then when her daughter was 2 1/2 years old, Jamie tried meth. She eventually started using meth everyday and her methamphetamine use turned into a drug induced psychosis. She got arrested and then went into a 72 hour evaluation mental crisis unit where she was put on psychiatric medications. When Jamie was on the psychiatric medications, she felt lost, confused, paranoid and in a dream state. After coming to the Narconon Fresh Start program, she started to feel like herself again. She talks about what she got out of the Narconon Fresh Start program and how it helped her get her life back.

Jamie Got Off Methamphetamine and Psychiatric Medications

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Pete and Arlene’s Son Overcame Marijuana Addiction

Pete and his wife, Arlene, started to notice that their son, Neil, was showing signs of substance abuse. They tried many different treatments to get Neil some help. They tried NA, AA, therapy, medication, boarding schools, wilderness programs and even a psych ward. Nothing worked. They finally got Neil into Narconon Fresh Start. Pete says that Narconon Fresh Start confronted Neil’s addiction and helped him mature and gave him the tools to deal with life and taught him how to say no, which are some of the things that the other programs couldn’t teach him. Neil has been clean since 2010.

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Getting Off OxyContin and Heroin

Maddie talks about how active she was and how close she was to her family before she started using drugs. At the age of 15, she started using marijuana with friends and was experimenting with alcohol and ecstasy and by the age of 16 she was using OxyContin. She eventually start using heroin. Her addiction led to many consequences including looking at 42 years in prison from multiple felony charges. Her dad got her into the Narconon Fresh Start program where she was able to learn who she really was. She says that she will never go back to using drugs because she now has control over herself. Maddie is now living a happier life without drugs. She has been clean since 2011.

Beating an OxyContin and Heroin Addiction

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