Jamie Overcame Methamphetamine and Psychiatric Medications

Jamie had a nice childhood growing up, but then she started smoking weed with a boyfriend and then one thing led to another. She dropped out of high school and was smoking weed, drinking and using cocaine almost on a daily basis. She quit using when she found out that she was pregnant, but then when her daughter was 2 1/2 years old, Jamie tried meth. She eventually started using meth everyday and her methamphetamine use turned into a drug induced psychosis. She got arrested and then went into a 72 hour evaluation mental crisis unit where she was put on psychiatric medications. When Jamie was on the psychiatric medications, she felt lost, confused, paranoid and in a dream state. After coming to the Narconon Fresh Start program, she started to feel like herself again. She talks about what she got out of the Narconon Fresh Start program and how it helped her get her life back.

Jamie Got Off Methamphetamine and Psychiatric Medications

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