Josh Beat a Meth Addiction

Josh talks about how he started smoking marijuana at 16 and even tried LSD and started drinking. This led him to lose interest in school and to go to fewer and fewer family activities. He quit caring about what direction his life was going in and he started using methamphetamine. He described his self as having one foot in the grave and one foot in the penitentiary and not having any responsibility. Josh said that the highlight of his program here at Narconon Fresh Start was gaining life skills that he didn’t have, communication, confronting, helping people out. He also said that he gained a higher level of responsibility for his actions and an awareness of what is going on around him as well as an increase in ethical value. Josh stated that everything that he learned here will help him continue to live drug-free and that he wants to live drug-free. He learned that he is really a happy person and that sobriety can be fun and good without drugs or alcohol. “Narconon Fresh Start gave me my life back.” – Josh

Getting Off Methamphetamine

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