Robert’s Drug Intervention

Robert started off using OxyContin and then he switched to heroin when he was unable to get more. He eventually started committing crimes and stealing to support his drug habit. After mixing heroin and benzos together, he went into a six day coma and couldn’t talk or say his name when he woke up. He lost his scholarship to Boston University because he lost a lot of his memory. His mom scheduled a drug intervention through Narconon Fresh Start to help Robert realize that he needed to get help. Robert shares how the drug interventionist helped him make the decision to come to Narconon Fresh Start. and what he got out of the program. He has been drug-free since 2014.

Narconon Fresh Start Drug Intervention

A Narconon Fresh Start drug intervention has helped many families get their loved one into rehab and get their life back. If you know someone who needs a drug intervention, call 855-734-2223 today. See how a Narconon Fresh Start drug intervention works.